Cumbria is ahead of the river curve | Brief letters

Liberating rivers | Liz Truss’s honours list | The prime minister test | Teacher’s knickers in a twist | The meaning of ribollita

The project to allow the River Aller to spill out and create streams, pools and boggy areas is “said to be a first for the UK” (‘Like a computer reset’: Exmoor river to be liberated in pioneering project, 14 October). The second programme in Simon Reeves’ BBC TV series The Lakes features similar projects in Cumbria that are well under way, making a huge positive impact by reducing the likelihood of flooding in Carlisle.
Linda Rhead
Hampton, London

• How long before we are able to speculate who might be included in Liz Truss’s resignation honours list (Liz Truss bows to pressure with corporation tax U-turn ‘on the table’, 13 October)?
Toby Wood
Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

• “Who is the prime minister?” is a favourite question asked by hospital medics of elderly and confused patients. Under this Tory government, it should be replaced urgently by something less difficult.
Neil Macfarlane
Lowdham, Nottinghamshire

• In the early 1950s we had a furious rant from the headmistress of our girls’ convent school: “We will have navy blue knickers or nothing” (Letters, 13 October).
Pat Pennington
Walmer, Kent

• Ribollita, the Tuscan soup, does not mean “literally, ‘boiled over’” (Feast, 12 October). It means reboiled.
Mat Watkinson
Scarborough, North Yorkshire

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