Young country diary: My walk in an English paradise

Cheddar Gorge: I wasn’t expecting it to be so brilliant here, with magnificent mountains, goats and butterflies too

As we drove to Cheddar Gorge, I was expecting cheese, cheese and nothing but cheese! What I didn’t know was that there would be magnificent mountains and gorgeous grasslands with goats and butterflies included in the package.

As I walked, I could smell the freshness of it all flying up my nose, and breathing in the clear mountain air made me feel relaxed and free. I strolled around and noticed all the stones were lined up in columns on the hills, and in such perfect shapes like they were carved by the most wonderful sculptor in the world. A dainty, white butterfly led us round the bends and up the mountains as we travelled.

The views were so breathtakingly beautiful that at one point I even thought we were in France! Vines fell all around us and the hills and mountains were so high up my neck ached as I looked to the top. Goats called to each other from across the roads as we wandered past. I was as anxious as a mouse that the stones would crumble and roll onto us at any point! I couldn’t take my eyes off it all - it was a stunning place. It was like a secret English paradise that was hidden away in the cute village of Cheddar.

In that moment I felt so lucky to be having fun in this brilliant place with my lovely family. It was such a great experience.
Teya, 13

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