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Re bee bricks (Brighton bee bricks initiative may do more harm than good, say scientists, 18 January), here in the Vale of Belvoir there is a tradition of building garden walls from mud, topped with slates to deflect the rain. They are highly attractive to numerous solitary bees, who excavate their tiny nests in the soft clay. Such mud walls would be an even better wildlife resource than bee bricks, to be specified in future developments. There would be no need to burn gas to fire conventional bricks.
Robert Hartley
Newark, Nottinghamshire

• Dr Jonathan Punt hopes for a revival of Brecht’s The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui (Letters, 21 January). The Donmar Warehouse in London had a timely production in 2017 – soon after Brexit and Trump – starring Lenny Henry. Maybe it could revive that.
Derrick Cameron

• A mother telephoned the director of a French art school where I taught, complaining that her son, who’d barely scraped through into the second year, had been examined by colleagues after a too-fine lunch (Letters, 21 January). “Madame, had they been sober he would not have passed at all.”
Brian Smith
Berlin, Germany

• My Frida Kahlo bikers’ mask (Letters, 21 January) and heavy black eye makeup nicely covered up enough to gain entry to Chintz’s bar in Falmouth to party with the youngsters at a ska gig on Friday. Marvellous!
Gill Garratt (age 70)
Falmouth, Cornwall

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