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Re the foraged recipes in Feast (24 July), does buying from Ocado count as foraging? If it doesn’t supply young nettle leaves and dandelion flowers, these recipes will be a challenge, as neither are currently available in the wild; May is the time to source them.
Hazel Sutcliffe
Crewe, Cheshire

• Emma John (The Hundred: not cricket as we know it, but nothing for sceptics to fear, 21 July) was just about right. What I saw had nothing to do with the sport of cricket. It was pure circus: a circus ring, ringmasters and performing animals. Entertainment yes, cricket no. To sell this as cricket almost amounts to fraud.
Ben Ramsbottom
Beckermet, Cumbria

• Like David Webber (Letters, 21 July), I too have never understood the pejorative use of “woke”. I was taught by my parents, then in school and by work colleagues, to be woke. To me, it means good manners or politeness or, as David writes, decency.
Robin Haselgrove

• Re the confusion over names (Letters, 23 July), a colleague with the unusual surname of Mash was trying to dictate a telegram over the phone. The operator seemed insistent that his surname was Nash. Eventually, in exasperation, he explained that it was spelled “with an M – M for mnemonic”.
Albert Beale

• I received a letter addressed to Timmy Tree many years ago. The name has stuck with some sarcastic “friends” and to this day continues to be used by them.
Dimitri Kissoff
Stockport, Greater Manchester

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