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Your editorial (4 September) said Ann Cleeves has co-sponsored a bibliotherapy scheme in “the north-east”. To a reader in Perthshire, the north-east means the area north from Aberdeen to Inverness and then Thurso. Come on, Guardian, show us you really are a national newspaper; there is intelligent life north of Hadrian’s Wall.
Crinan Alexander
Clashiegar, Perthshire

• It is difficult to understand why young people would follow Matt Hancock’s recent plea to observe the social distancing rules (Editorial, 7 September), when his own government has now admitted that it intends to break international law. A case of one rule for them...
Alan Connell
Harrogate, North Yorkshire

• I recall going to a theatre production in Bradford of Molière’s The Misanthrope (Letters, 6 September). At the start of the performance there was the customary drum roll and we all stood up, ready for God Save the Queen. We were treated instead to La Marseillaise – cue total confusion, some sitting down, some singing (not a lot) and mostly laughing.
Dave Moores

• Rob Yarham’s country diary about the Medmerry nature reserve (8 September) captured perfectly the past few days here. However, current planning applications and building proposals are threatening Medmerry and its birds. Plans include a 10-year construction project right next to the pools by the beach. Come and enjoy the area before it’s too late.
Claire Smith
Earnley, West Sussex

• Did the Wordsearch team err when asking for words associated with “dictionaries” (Wordsearch, 8 September)?
Ceri Brown
Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire


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