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It is not only the Church of England that is forbidden in law to conduct same-sex marriages (Letters, 25 May). The same legislation applies to the Church in Wales, disestablished in 1920.
Rev Dr Peter Phillips

• The Church of England should have read the work of Fredric Brown before teaming up with Amazon (Want to know who God is? Now you can ask Alexa, 25 May). In his short story Answer, a scientist asks the first intergalactic supercomputer the first question: is there a God? “Yes,” it replies, “now there is a God.”
John Cranston

• Within an hour of reading your article (Thanks, but no thanks, 23 May) I alighted from a bus in a busy city centre. Fourteen people got off the bus in front of me. Of those 14, 12 thanked the driver for his care and attention on that journey. Then again, this is Edinburgh. I presumed that the two people who failed to thank the driver were tourists, probably from England. In future, perhaps such research could be conducted outside of London?
Myles Flynn

• There’s an easy solution to Elisabeth Leedham-Green’s problem (Letters, 24 May): make the recipe for four (or six), divide into the requisite number of small dishes, eat one and freeze the rest. Since all recipes are for more than one, I do that all the time.
Adrianne LeMan

• Tessa Boase (Letters, 25 May) may rest assured that should she ever visit Tynemouth she need only stick a couple of chips behind her ear to be sure of sporting a whole herring gull on her head without any damage to the bird in question.
Anne Liddon

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