Storms and flood disasters

After a weekend of disaster caused by violent storms and devastating floods, it was still impossible last night to reckon the full toll of human life and property, but the death roll in the flooded areas of East and South-east England has reached 108. The following reports summarise the story so far as it can be told at present:-

·Irish Sea: The search for survivors from the Princess Victoria, which sunk about five miles off the coast of County Down on Saturday, continued yesterday, but in vain.

It was officially stated that 133 passengers and crew had lost their lives. Ten of the 44 survivors were members of the crew. All the women and children on board were lost, as were Major John Maynard Sinclair, deputy Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, and Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Walter Smiles MP. Survivors said that, in spite of the pounding by the sea and the lurching of the ship, there was no panic.

·East Coast: It is estimated that at least 60 people died in East and South-east England during Saturday night, when huge seas tore down coastal defences and swept away their homes. Two-thirds of Canvey Island (Essex) was flooded, and the population of 13,000 was evacuated. Many were taken by boats from their housetops.

A number of well-known resorts were affected, as well as villages inland. From Yorkshire to Kent, reports of damage and destruction increased from hour to hour.

The evacuation of the 6,000 inhabitants of Mablethorpe and Sutton-on-Sea, which have suffered heavily from the flooding, was being considered last night.

·Sheerness: The submarine Sirdar (814 tons) was swamped by floods while in dry dock at the naval dockyard at Sheerness, Kent, and later sank. The frigate Berkeley Castle, which was in an adjoining dock, capsized, and the force of the floodwater displaced the main lock gate.

·York: At York Minster, when the gale reached 100 miles an hour, the top half of a pinnacle, weighing a ton, crashed into the roadway.

·Holland: Vast havoc has been done by the flooding of towns and villages. Flushing, the Hook, Rotterdam, and Dordrecht are some of the chief sufferers. Over 60 people are known to have been drowned. American engineers are being sent from Germany to help in repair work.

Damage has also been done by flooding at Ostend, Dunkirk, and other French and Belgian ports.

·Kinloss, in the Moray Firth, recorded gust velocities of 113 miles an hour at 9 o'clock on Saturday morning, and Grimsetter, in the Orkneys, 107 miles an hour. By midday, gusts reached a speed of 101 miles an hour at West Freugh, near the North Channel between Larne and Stranraer and northerly gales had become general throughout the country with the exception of the extreme South-east of England. Warnings of north-west to north gales were in operation last night.

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