Social policy and administration

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Ian Law obituary
Other lives: Sociology academic who helped universities to start acknowledging their part in slavery and colonialism

Seb Law

30, Jun, 2022 @4:16 PM

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John Veit-Wilson obituary
Co-founder of the Child Poverty Action Group

Adrian Sinfield

03, Jun, 2020 @3:29 PM

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Harvey Goldstein obituary
Statistician who highlighted the dangers of smoking during pregnancy and did research into the effectiveness of schools

Peter Mortimore

28, Apr, 2020 @5:11 PM

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Ray Forrest obituary
Other lives: urban studies professor with a global reputation for his research on east Asian housing

Gill Perry

13, Feb, 2020 @3:14 PM

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Barbara Ballard obituary
Other lives: Dedicated social researcher at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation in York

Gillian Whitting

27, Jan, 2020 @2:52 PM

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‘Unseen teens’ need targeted and coordinated support | Letter
Letter: Leaders of 13 charities call for government action to help vulnerable 16- and 17-year-olds who fall through the cracks between children’s and adults’ services


28, Apr, 2019 @3:19 PM

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Universities are in a building frenzy, but who is actually impressed? | Jonathan Wolff
Students will remember the low ceilings that stop them seeing the PowerPoint screen, not the brushed-aluminium finish

Jonathan Wolff

09, Apr, 2019 @5:45 AM

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Happiness is a goal worth pursuing – but it needs a feminist reboot | Stuart Jeffries
There are better ways to realise one’s true self than chasing power, sex and money, says Guardian feature writer Stuart Jeffries

Stuart Jeffries

16, Sep, 2018 @2:45 PM

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Mark Gladwin obituary
Other lives: Teacher and expert in the field of children’s play

Jane Howard

05, Jun, 2018 @4:49 PM

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David Donnison obituary
Distinguished academic who played a key role in shaping social policy in the 1960s and 70s

Howard Glennerster

20, May, 2018 @3:53 PM

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Mike Campbell obituary
Other lives: Creative force in skills and economic development policies

Ian Stone

12, Dec, 2017 @6:19 PM

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Vic George obituary
Other lives: Emeritus professor of social policy and social work at Kent University

Peter Taylor-Gooby

14, Nov, 2017 @1:00 PM

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