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Elizabeth Carmichael obituary
Anthropologist and curator whose exhibitions at the British Museum brought Latin American cultures to a British audience

Penny Bateman

22, Jul, 2022 @4:56 PM

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University College London generates £10bn a year for UK, says report
UCL’s research, knowledge and support for business startups provides boost ‘equal to holding Olympics every year’

Richard Adams Education editor

26, Jun, 2022 @11:01 PM

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Andrew Turton obituary
Other lives: Social anthropologist whose work was focused on Thai peasant life and culture

Antonia Benedek

29, Oct, 2021 @5:56 PM

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David Marsden obituary
Other lives: Social anthropologist who tried to give local people a voice in international development projects

Charles Gore

09, Sep, 2020 @5:07 PM

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David Graeber, anthropologist and author of Bullshit Jobs, dies aged 59
The anarchist and author of bestselling books on capitalism and bureaucracy died in a Venice hospital on Wednesday

Sian Cain

03, Sep, 2020 @3:18 PM

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Robin Horton obituary
Other lives: Anthropologist who specialised in the study of the Kalabari people of Nigeria

Sokari Douglas Camp

31, Dec, 2019 @6:04 PM

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Jane Hubert obituary
Anthropologist and social researcher admired for her work in the fields of mental health, disability and indigenous rights

Peter Stone and Sheila Hollins

22, Jul, 2019 @5:00 PM

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Barbara Harrell-Bond obituary
Passionate campaigner for refugees who founded the Refugee Studies Centre at Oxford University

Roger Zetter

30, Jul, 2018 @5:18 PM

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Why we're closer than ever to a timeline for human evolution
Dating when our ancestors split from Neanderthals and other relatives has long been a puzzle, but DNA advances are making our evolutionary journey clearer

Bridget Alex

22, Dec, 2016 @1:02 PM

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Ronald Frankenberg obituary
Academic whose book Village on the Border pioneered the application of anthropological methods to British society

Mike Savage

04, Jan, 2016 @3:34 PM

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Paul Spencer obituary
Social anthropologist who studied the Samburu and Maasai peoples of the central Rift Valley

Richard Waller

11, Aug, 2015 @3:08 PM

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Sir Jack Goody obituary
Anthropologist who developed new insights into the origins of human societies

Peter Burke and Joe McDermott

06, Aug, 2015 @5:27 PM

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