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I sympathise with Zoe Williams’s daughter (An old video of me is on the school curriculum! Unfortunately, I am shocked by my own arguments, 7 March). My mother, an eminent and pioneering Cambridge don, gave the first ever sex education lessons in my convent school, in the 1960s, to my class. Heaps of embarrassment – followed by a sudden popularity, as I must have been the fount of all sexual knowledge, surely? Thanks, Mum.
Louise Wallace
Cropredy, Oxfordshire

• Reading about quarter-zippers (Quarter-zipper becomes the new status symbol for men of a certain position, 4 March) at breakfast, I find it hard to believe that mine, moth-eaten in parts and unravelling with old age, is a status symbol. I shall have to reconsider my decision to restrict it to home wear only.
Ron Jacob

• Your report on Gen Z’s adoption of slogan wear (‘No problemo’: what Gen Z are really saying with their T-shirts, 6 March) led me to ponder what, as an older person, I might have on my tee. “Retro”? “Analogue”? I finally settled on “Don’t start me”. Might others have suggestions?
Pete Bibby

• Undoubtedly delicious as Cornish pasties are, the sign reading “No pasties left in this van overnight” (Letters, 7 March) begs the question, if they’re so good, why would there be any left? You wouldn’t want a stale one.
Linda Marriott
North Hykeham, Lincolnshire

• Could Gary Lineker be given the knighthood intended for Stanley Johnson (Report, 8 March)?
Geoff McQuillan
Cults, Aberdeen

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