Vivid festival 2015

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TV on the Radio review – lost between studio and stadium in Sydney
The Brooklyn band’s ramped up sound is at odds with the Opera House space, but Australian singer Kirin J Callinan in support is a magnetic presence, writes Elle Hunt

Elle Hunt

09, Jun, 2015 @8:59 AM

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Game On Sydney played to the in-crowd. More games, less YouTube please
Billed as the first Australian event of its kind, it’s a shame the games didn’t reflect the energetic culture showcased by Game On’s speakers and sessions

Jazz Twemlow

09, Jun, 2015 @7:35 AM

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Matthew Weiner: Mad Men was my mistress – I'm tired of keeping secrets
Show’s creator marvels that ‘150 people kept the ending secret for a year’ and tells Sydney audience that anyone should be able to write believable female characters, regardless of gender

Nancy Groves

01, Jun, 2015 @10:07 AM

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Grace Jones review – semi-clad queen of the costume change
The storm may be slowing but this hurricane of a performer is still gusty enough to delight her devotees and impress the unitiated

Richard Parkin

01, Jun, 2015 @6:51 AM

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Bill Callahan review – Americana meets Australiana in light and shade show
The singer performs against a backdrop of Paul Ryan’s art, whose dark trees, wild rivers and imposing mountains conjure up Callahan’s deeply textured world, writes Alan Evans

Alan Evans

28, May, 2015 @11:59 PM

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Tyler Brûlé: Australia could be 'dumbest nation' because of over-regulation
Jetsetter and magazine publisher says country is becoming known as a nanny state and singled out Sydney’s liquor laws as an example

Calla Wahlquist

27, May, 2015 @8:19 PM

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Morrissey review – as warm and welcome as the Irish referendum
All good Morrissey shows are 62% gay pride and 38% Catholic guilt and his Sydney sojourn is no exception, just with added tan and didgeridoo, writes Will Woodward

Will Woodward

27, May, 2015 @5:04 AM

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Sufjan Stevens review – virtuosic tour of the singer's sad and ornate world
Part priest, part stoner housemate, Stevens coaxed the crowd out of their comfort zone with a mix of new album Carrie and Lowell and fan favourites

Michael Safi

26, May, 2015 @3:43 AM

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Vivid festival: Royal Headache for Opera House after fans invade stage
Garage band forced to end gig early after 60 fans storm the stage and are dispersed by police and security gaurds

Kate Hennessy

24, May, 2015 @10:44 AM

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Vivid Sydney mixtape: Grace Jones, Bill Callahan, Auntie Flo and the KLF
Fom Vivid Live at the Opera House to Modulations at Carriageworks, Sydney switches on the lights for some musical heavyweights – here’s a taster

Monica Tan

20, May, 2015 @1:00 AM

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Vivid, TEDx and Sydney Writers' festivals show city has brains as well as looks
From Mad Men to transgender hairdressers, and from Richard Flanagan to avant-garde music, a burst of ideas and creativity asks Sartre’s question of how to live

Monica Tan

19, May, 2015 @1:16 AM

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