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Kristen Stewart’s 20 best performances – ranked!
From Spencer to Still Alice, and now David Cronenberg’s bonkers new horror sci-fi Crimes of the Future, we rate the Twilight star’s finest work

Anne Billson

18, Aug, 2022 @11:00 AM

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Tennessee pastor leads burning of Harry Potter and Twilight novels
The livestreamed event drew large crowds, who cheered as books deemed ‘demonic’ by pastor Greg Locke went up in flames

Maya Yang

04, Feb, 2022 @7:20 PM

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‘I’ve heard lots of high-pitched screaming’: inside the Twilight Museum – in pictures
The Forever Twilight in Forks Collection, run by a superfan, celebrates the series in the town where it’s set

Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

30, Oct, 2021 @5:00 AM

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As Midnight Sun hits No 1, Stephenie Meyer plans two more Twilight books
Novel about vampire Edward was shelved for 12 years after online leaks but has become an immediate bestseller and author ‘wants to write more’

Sian Cain

13, Aug, 2020 @10:36 AM

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Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer review – dusk falls on Twilight saga
This plodding retelling of the first book from Edward’s perspective is a 750-page exercise in toothless tedium

Elle Hunt

07, Aug, 2020 @1:35 PM

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With Midnight Sun, Twilight is back at the best possible time
Like so many things loved by teenage girls, Stephenie Meyer’s books have been dismissed as rubbish. I thought this too - until I discovered how addictive and erotic they are

Kiran Millwood Hargrave

04, May, 2020 @6:06 PM

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Stephenie Meyer announces new Twilight book Midnight Sun
Twelve years after cancelling it, the novelist is to publish a retelling of her smash hit YA novel from the vampire’s perspective

Alison Flood

04, May, 2020 @12:53 PM

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How Robert Pattinson became an unlikely arthouse superstar
Twilight’s high school heartthrob has became an indie mainstay but will his newfound niche survive after he takes on the role of Batman?

Guy Lodge

14, Oct, 2019 @2:46 PM

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Twilight forever: how superfans kept the vampire critics at bay
Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga inspired both love and hate a decade ago. But it’s the Twihard fans who can smell blood now as the haters begin to mellow

Tom Beasley

06, Nov, 2018 @10:24 AM

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The Vampire: A New History by Nick Groom review – an undead family tree
An eloquent case for the vitality of the vampire figure, from 18th-century Slavic folk tales to Twilight, via Dracula

Kathryn Hughes

27, Oct, 2018 @6:30 AM

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The kids aren't alright: is the YA movie boom over?
Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Twilight: only a few years ago young adult fantasy films were massive – but times, and teenagers, have changed

Anna Leszkiewicz

21, Aug, 2018 @1:42 PM

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Kristen Stewart co-authors research paper on 'pioneering' film technique
Twilight star among three authors of paper explaining how ‘neural style transfer’ method was put to use in her directorial debut, the 17-minute short Come Swim

Andrew Pulver

20, Jan, 2017 @2:37 PM

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