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The week in TV: Red Rose; Marriage; Bad Sisters; The Sky at Night
The makers of Sex Education concoct a gripping tech horror; Sean Bean and Nicola Walker bicker beautifully; and Sharon Horgan’s new sibling comedy is a hoot

Hannah Jane Parkinson

21, Aug, 2022 @8:30 AM

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Marriage review – Sean Bean and Nicola Walker are pitch perfect
This clever drama about a 27-year relationship is full of slow, steady reveals that are sparse and deeply affecting. The actors’ rich, detailed performances will welcome you in

Rebecca Nicholson

14, Aug, 2022 @9:00 PM

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Lewis Hamilton, the world’s fastest driver, is right, motoring’s no fun any more | Rebecca Nicholson
He can whizz around a track at 200mph but can’t bear constantly being on high alert for idiots on the road

Rebecca Nicholson

13, Aug, 2022 @3:00 PM

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‘You can’t just let it flow’: Emma Thompson defends intimacy coordinators
Actor says rise of sex-scene advisers is ‘fantastic’ in wake of Sean Bean’s criticism that it reduces acting to ‘technical exercise’

Catherine Shoard

12, Aug, 2022 @8:46 AM

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West Side Story star Rachel Zegler defends intimacy coordinators after Sean Bean criticism
Zegler is one of a number of actors voicing support for the role, after Bean said they can ‘spoil the spontaneity’ of sex scenes

Catherine Shoard

10, Aug, 2022 @10:18 AM

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‘Laughing at farts is the bedrock of a good relationship’ – the writer of Marriage shares his wisdom
With Mum and Him & Her, Stefan Golaszewski took the sitcom to new heights. Now he’s stepping into drama – with a series about ‘messy, tricky, glorious’ wedded bliss, starring Sean Bean and Nicola Walker

Alexi Duggins

05, Aug, 2022 @12:00 PM

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It’s A Sin to Mare of Easttown: who will win the 2022 TV Bafta awards – and who really deserves to?
This might be one of the most complicated years ever for choosing the victors in the UK’s glitziest television awards. But we’re trying anyway! Here are our picks of who should (and who will) win

Mark Lawson

06, May, 2022 @10:00 AM

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Sean Bean on Time, makeup and his trans role: ‘If I did it today, there’d be an uproar’
In Time, the actor known as Game of Thrones’ Ned Stark had to show the terrors of prison … mostly by sitting in silence. He talks religion, looking rough – and the role he played that would not be made now

Mark Lawson

25, Dec, 2021 @8:00 AM

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The 50 best TV shows of 2021, No 7: Time
Jimmy McGovern’s prison drama seemed dauntingly bleak but in the end offered glimmers of hope … and some sublime acting by Sean Bean and Stephen Graham

Phil Harrison

14, Dec, 2021 @6:00 AM

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‘There’s nothing here I did not see inside’ – a former HMP inmate on Time
Jimmy McGovern’s hard-hitting drama is a brutally honest portrayal of a failed public service and gets everything right about prison life – minus the tedium

Eric Allison

18, Jun, 2021 @9:34 AM

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The week in TV: Time; Fred and Rose West; Lupin; Statue Wars – review
Sean Bean and Stephen Graham excel in a grim prison drama, and the mayor of Bristol takes centre stage in a documentary about the city’s 2020 BLM protests.

Euan Ferguson

13, Jun, 2021 @8:30 AM

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Will it take a BBC drama to finally start a rational debate about Britain’s prisons? | Owen Jones
Jimmy McGovern’s Time exposes the deep flaws in a system built on punishment and vote-grabbing, not rehabilitation, says Guardian columnist Owen Jones

Owen Jones

11, Jun, 2021 @2:03 PM

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