Peaches Geldof

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Channel 4 documentary to showcase life of Paula Yates
Two-part special will feature previously unreleased interviews with late television presenter

Harriet Sherwood Arts and culture correspondent

27, Feb, 2023 @11:25 AM

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Pixie Geldof: ‘I needed to learn how to breathe’ | Eva Wiseman
As she releases her solo album, Pixie Geldof talks to Eva Wiseman about grief, music – and why she wants to freedive with sharks

Eva Wiseman

30, Oct, 2016 @7:30 AM

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Thomas Cohen on life after Peaches: ‘I had to face the pain’
The musician was only 23 when his wife, Peaches Geldof, died of a heroin overdose. Two years on, he talks about grief, fatherhood and the catharsis of music

Tim Jonze

17, Apr, 2016 @1:00 PM

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Before you look at another photo of Tiger Lily Hutchence, think about this | Van Badham
Unlike her parents, 19-year-old Tiger Lily Hutchence has not chosen a public life. The latest photos sprawling the internet of her in a bikini are exploitative

Van Badham

01, Oct, 2015 @7:57 AM

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Bobbi Kristina Brown and the hard legacy of drugs and celebrity
It’s challenging enough being the child of a famous person, but having a family history of drug addiction can make things too much to bear

Caroline Sullivan

05, Feb, 2015 @12:00 PM

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Peaches Geldof remembered by James Brown
Ex-Loaded editor James Brown worked with Peaches Geldof to launch a celebrity magazine. Sparks flew…

James Brown

21, Dec, 2014 @9:00 AM

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Bob Geldof: 'We are a normal family. And one of us didn't make it'
Six months after the death of his daughter Peaches, Bob Geldof is still raw and angry. He talks to Miranda Sawyer about addiction, intrusion and why he’s back in his snakeskin suit

Miranda Sawyer

18, Oct, 2014 @5:00 AM

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Bob Geldof: I blame myself for Peaches’ death
Musician and activist says he feels responsible for death of his 25-year-old daughter earlier this year following heroin overdose

Chris Johnston and agencies

15, Oct, 2014 @10:13 PM

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Peaches Geldof deserves no censure. Save that for her critics | Barbara Ellen

Barbara Ellen: The outpouring of bile in wake of the revelations about the death of the journalist and TV presenter has been truly nauseating

Barbara Ellen

26, Jul, 2014 @11:06 PM

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Like Peaches Geldof my nephew died of a heroin overdose. He needed help, not prison | Liz Macdonald
Liz Macdonald: Both were bright, talented people – John might still be alive if UK laws treated drug addicts with more compassion

Liz Macdonald

24, Jul, 2014 @11:58 AM

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The Boomtown Rats to play more UK dates
The announcement comes after singer Bob Geldof revealed that playing live has helped him sleep following the death of his daughter Peaches

Guardian music

04, Jul, 2014 @7:38 AM

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Peaches Geldof, Elliott Smith and why we still blame celebrities for deaths | Hadley Freeman

Hadley Freeman: Some papers are trying to lay tragic events at the door of innocent musicians. How delightfully retro and hysterically stupid

Hadley Freeman

06, May, 2014 @4:17 PM

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