Melbourne International Comedy festival 2015

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How comedy standup specials became a torrent for streaming services
HBO, Netflix, Showtime and Seeso have announced comedy hours from the likes of Martin Lawrence and Michael Che – let’s hope the boom doesn’t precede a bust

Elise Czajkowski

26, Aug, 2016 @2:22 PM

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I absolutely don’t want to meet a koala | Alex Edelman
Who wants to cradle an animal with enormous claws, a possible case of chlamydia and an expression commonly worn by Alan Rickman? Not me

Alex Edelman

21, Apr, 2015 @4:42 AM

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Melbourne international comedy festival: where to eat and drink after a show
On his first visit to Melbourne, Freddy McConnell learns by trial and error the best places to eat and drink in the city

Freddy McConnell

17, Apr, 2015 @7:40 AM

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Stalkers, fat girls and murder: listen again to the lyrics of your favourite pop songs
Comedy cabaret group Lady Sings It Better reveal the misogynist lyrics in songs like My Sharona, Throw Your Arms Around Me and even a Beatles classic

Alexandra Spring

14, Apr, 2015 @4:58 AM

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Noel Fielding on going solo and The Mighty Boosh: 'I’d love to do a film'
As the British comedian brings his madcap stage show to Australia, he raises the possibility of a film version of his surrealist TV comedy The Mighty Boosh

Oliver Milman

13, Apr, 2015 @12:27 AM

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If a comedian tells a rape joke and no one laughs, was a joke really told? | Adrienne Truscott
As the furore around Ray Badran’s performance at the Melbourne comedy festival continues, Adrienne Truscott asks who should get to make rape jokes

Adrienne Truscott

08, Apr, 2015 @5:19 AM

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Melbourne comedy roundup – shaking up conventions or sticking to them
From a Brit shrieking about snakes to a cool and consistent American, via Avenue Q and Ali McGregor’s late-night variety, we take in a quartet of festival shows

Oliver Milman

03, Apr, 2015 @4:31 AM

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