Making a Murderer

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Dutch detectives turn to power of podcast to solve 1991 murder case
Netherlands detectives were inspired by Making a Murderer and other true-crime shows

Daniel Boffey in Brussels

25, Dec, 2019 @2:00 PM

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Making a Murderer: new confession puts Steven Avery case back in spotlight
Lawyer for man at center of Netflix documentary calls another prisoner’s claim he killed Teresa Halbach ‘ridiculous’

Mario Koran

28, Sep, 2019 @5:01 AM

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We must kill off our obsession with lurid murders – a splashy true crime mag is the last straw | Rhik Samadder
True crime TV dramas and grabby magazines aren’t righting wrongs – they are deluding us about the true nature of violence

Rhik Samadder

05, Mar, 2019 @6:35 PM

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Making a Murderer's Steven Avery granted right to appeal after new evidence
A development in the case made famous by Netflix’s hit documentary could lead to a retrial, says Avery’s lawyer

George Nash

27, Feb, 2019 @4:52 PM

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Surviving R Kelly and the unstoppable power of true-crime documentaries
As the singer faces fresh investigation after a controversial new series, it’s clear that documentary-makers the world over hold the key to righting the ‘shocking things happening in plain sight’

Lanre Bakare

10, Jan, 2019 @3:36 PM

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Our insatiable appetite for true crime leaves behind a moral hangover | JR Hennessy
After four years, the peak of the genre’s renaissance has passed, but have we really learned anything?

JR Hennessy

16, Nov, 2018 @12:54 AM

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Kathleen Zellner: the Making a Murderer lawyer you want on your side
Kathleen Zellner specialises in getting the innocent out of jail. She watched the first season of the TV documentary hit along with the rest of us. Now she is at the heart of season two

Chris McGreal

28, Oct, 2018 @1:00 PM

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True Crime 2.0: is the genre running out of material or evolving?
As the second instalment of Making a Murderer is released and demand for cold cases is higher than ever, the limit could be being reached

Stuart Jeffries

25, Oct, 2018 @7:00 AM

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Making a Murderer: Part 2 review – Netflix's grisly mystery continues to enthral
The folly of the US justice system is laid bare as investigations persist into a gruesome crime puzzle that speaks to our times

Rebecca Nicholson

18, Oct, 2018 @11:01 PM

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As Making a Murderer returns, is the obsession with true crime turning nasty?
We can’t get enough of cold-case shows such as Serial, especially when they lead to retrials. But while the genre has gone from lurid gore to upmarket investigations, an exploitative undertow remains

Arwa Mahdawi

16, Oct, 2018 @5:00 AM

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Making a Murderer: watch the trailer for season two of Netflix's true-crime series
Released nearly three years after the show’s debut, the new episodes will focus on the appeals of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey

Guardian TV

09, Oct, 2018 @3:05 PM

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Making a Murderer to return for a second season in October
The series will focus on the appeals process of Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey, sentenced to life in prison for murder

Lanre Bakare

25, Sep, 2018 @4:36 PM

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