Lee Mack

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Stress, chess and mounting dread: how 2020 was the year of anxie-TV
As the pandemic struck and a nation retreated to its living rooms, it seemed the perfect time for light and comforting shows to boom. The reality was anything but

Rachel Aroesti

29, Dec, 2020 @1:00 PM

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'A half-hour strangulation': why Semi-Detached is the most stressful TV show of 2020
Hallucinatory hummus! Hostages! Hyperventilation! Lee Mack’s latest series is a masterclass in chaotic comedy, with a multitude of disasters unfolding in real time

Stuart Heritage

18, Aug, 2020 @1:18 PM

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Dear NHS: 100 Stories to Say Thank You edited by Adam Kay – review
Tales of embarrassing injuries and moments of poignance, plus some poor efforts, in a revealing collection of essays

Fiona Sturges

08, Jul, 2020 @6:30 AM

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Brydon, Mack & Mitchell review – backchat and banter from TV trio
Rob Brydon, Lee Mack and David Mitchell take the off-the-cuff gags of Would I Lie to You? on the road for a nonessential but entertaining night of comedy

Brian Logan

30, Sep, 2019 @3:02 PM

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How Not Going Out’s heroes went from cat-fight chemistry to child-saddled losers
With the intrigue deflated, Lee Mack’s comedy couldn’t sustain itself on average jokes alone

Henry Yates

27, May, 2019 @12:41 AM

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French & Saunders, Black Mirror and Doctor Who: your Christmas TV planner
From Alan Partridge and First Dates to The Miniaturist and McMafia, prime your set-top box for the best telly the festive fortnight has to offer

Hannah J Davies and Phil Harrison

22, Dec, 2017 @12:00 PM

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Would I Lie to You review: it's hilarious – honestly
The panel show remains razor-sharp in its 11th series, with host Rob Brydon and team captains Lee Mack and David Mitchell a perfect combination. Plus, Storyville: My Mother’s Lost Children

Sam Wollaston

21, Nov, 2017 @6:00 AM

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The Miser review – a Molière mugfest
Heavily laboured jokes sink Griff Rhys Jones and Lee Mack in this 17th-century comedy of manners

Susannah Clapp

19, Mar, 2017 @7:50 AM

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The Miser review – Griff Rhys Jones presides over a relentless gag-fest
The audience is clobbered into submission by an anything-for-a-laugh Molière adaptation that casts Lee Mack – in his theatre debut – as the sane one

Michael Billington

13, Mar, 2017 @12:00 AM

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Not Going Out review – all back to 1979 for Lee Mack's interminable comedy
It’s unoriginal, unfunny and unapologetic about its retro roots. Why does anyone like this lukewarm sitcom?

Sam Wollaston

21, Jan, 2017 @7:00 AM

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Would I Lie to You? review – Tinchy Stryder guests as joyous comedy hits new heights
The grime artist gave Jack Dee, Rob Brydon and co plenty of opportunities to be very uncool as the panel show continues to go from strength to strength

Sam Wollaston

12, Sep, 2015 @6:00 AM

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Critics aren’t comedy snobs – I like Lee Mack as much as Stewart Lee
Brian Logan: A new book suggests that critics ‘tell people what’s funny’ – and that I personally prefer standup that’s not funny at all. But our role as taste-makers is limited

Brian Logan

19, Nov, 2014 @7:00 AM

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