Edinburgh festival 2000

Social realist film, Human Resources

Probably the most quoted phrase at the Edinburgh film festival last week was Film Council chief executive John Woodward's declaration that the council would not be making "social realist art films".

Jonathan Romney

29, Aug, 2000 @11:42 PM

Edinburgh review: Pénélope

Edinburgh Festival Theatre

Tom Service

28, Aug, 2000 @11:00 PM

Edinburgh review: Körper

The Playhouse, Edinburgh

Alice Bain

28, Aug, 2000 @11:00 PM

Edinburgh review: Taverner Consort/ Parrott

McEwan Hall, Edinburgh

Tom Service

28, Aug, 2000 @11:00 PM

Perrier winner has comics smiling
The American comedian Rich Hall won the Perrier award at the Edinburgh fringe festival yesterday amid shameful scenes of good grace from other comedians.

Fiachra Gibbons, arts correspondent

27, Aug, 2000 @11:49 PM

Edinburgh festival theatre review: War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds
Edinburgh Lyceum *

Jonathan Romney

27, Aug, 2000 @11:00 PM

Edinburgh Festival: Theatre

Thunderstruck | Voices | Hopeless Games | War of the Worlds | Cabin Pressure

Susannah Clapp

27, Aug, 2000 @12:24 AM

Edinburgh festival: Dance

Les lieux de là | Poetic and Feral

Jann Parry

27, Aug, 2000 @12:24 AM

Edinburgh Festival: Classical

Das Rheingold | Hilliard Ensemble | The Lost Domain

27, Aug, 2000 @12:24 AM

Edinburgh festival: Comedy

The Perrier Award committee is comedy's version of the football referee. Whichever shortlist of nominees they decide upon is roundly condemned every year as wrong - boring, safe, predictable, biased, corrupt, racist, sexist, homophobic, elitist, cowardly... As usual, the attacks are unfair; people are getting upset by who is not on the shortlist, rather than who is. Which, if nothing else, proves the comedy talent pool at the Fringe is not quite as shallow or as narrow as everyone says it is.

Sam Taylor

27, Aug, 2000 @12:24 AM

Real Fringe Awards

Some are weird, some are wonderful, some are just scary. Welcome to the worst of the Fringe.

Charlie Skelton

27, Aug, 2000 @12:24 AM

You must see these shows...

Observer critics' best of the festival

27, Aug, 2000 @12:24 AM

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