Julia Louis-Dreyfus for president! Why Democrats tapped up the Veep star

The actor – famous for playing a fictional politician – says party officials asked her to run for office. As Seinfeld’s Elaine Benes would say: ‘Get out!’

Name: Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Age: 56.

Appearance: Vice-presidential.

What does that look like? It looks like Selina Meyer, the character that Louis-Dreyfus played for five seasons in the award-winning political sitcom Veep.

I remember. How we laughed – before Trump came along and ruined everything by making incompetence in high office scary. Prepare yourself – the show is returning for a sixth season.

How can they carry on satirising politics when actual events make Veep look like The West Wing? It’s clearly not easy. The cast were filming when news of Trump’s victory came through.

I just don’t know what’s real any more. You’re not alone.

What do you mean? In a recent interview, Louis-Dreyfus said that Democrats had approached her and asked her to run for office.

What, in character? I’m not sure that’s legal. I think they wanted her to run as herself.

And what experience does Louis-Dreyfus have that would make her suitable for elected office? Well, she was in the cast of Saturday Night Live in the 80s, then she was on Seinfeld for nine seasons.

So, none. None-ish. But the transition is not entirely without precedent. Former SNL writer and performer Al Franken is a senator. And Louis-Dreyfus has at least played a president.

What are you saying? That she already has all the clothes? That’s got to count for something.

But she was a terrible president! And she lost! I think, if you watch it again, you’ll realise we were still better off under her administration. Everyone deserves a second chance.

I can’t believe this is happening. For which office is she planning to run? She isn’t. Louis-Dreyfus told the Democrats: “Not in a million years.”

At least someone has some sense. Thankfully.

She’s certainly smarter than the idiot Democrats who asked her in the first place. And she very kindly didn’t name them.

Actually, she probably has more sense than most of the clowns running the country right now. I’m sure you’re right.

In fact, she’s just the sort of person who could shake things up in Washington. I think it might be time for your nap now.

Do say: “Selina for season seven!”

Don’t say: “Lock her up!”

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