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Festivals are back, and so too are the predictable photographs in your print edition of a pop festival campsite littered with left-behind tents (1 September). Next year perhaps you could feature a folk festival campsite – invariably litter- and disposable tent-free, often cleaner than before the event.
Derek Schofield
Wistaston, Cheshire

• Ian Gordon (Letters, 1 September) should attend a meeting at his local Quaker meeting house. There he will find a group of people with no doctrine, no hierarchy, no dogma or creeds, just a simple belief that there is that of God within everybody.
Russell Richards
Clevedon, Somerset

• Diane Abbott speaks about the memorable day in her life when she heard she had passed the 11-plus exam (The schoolday I’ll never forget: ‘I had no idea how pivotal passing the 11-plus would be’, 2 September). She doesn’t mention the memorable day for the majority of her class who would have got a message of failure. I wonder what sort of first day they had at their schools. I hope selection at 11 will have no place in Labour’s education policy.
Margaret Tulloch

• To the contrary, Michael Cunningham (Letters, 1 September), here in Manchester we can never see the Isle of Arran and it’s always raining. QED.
Andrew Bailey

• Surely Michael Cunningham in Wolverhampton knows that rain is imminent if it’s dark over Bill’s mother’s?
Ros Napier

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