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Andy Bull (Cricket’s criminal streak and the curious case of the Lord’s forger, Sport, 18 March) says “cricket is synonymic with a sense of fair play”. That’s a new word to me, so I looked it up. Apparently synonymic is a synonym of synonymous. Thanks, Andy, for helping to pass the time during self-isolation.
Mike Jones

• Living alone and about to turn 80, I have told two people that I’m going home to self-immolate. The first was blissfully unaware of what I had said; the second assumed it was a euphemism, and not for making marmalade.
Derek Boughton

• Let’s hope Boris Johnson rises to the challenge like his hero Churchill and when the Covid-19 war is over a grateful country can chuck him out and have a bland but caring person in charge, just like Attlee.
John Beer
Farnham, Surrey

• I’m sorry to report that we started an origami club (Things to do at home for the over-70s, Letters, 18 March), but it folded after the first meeting.
John Cooper
Youlgreave, Derbyshire

• Boris Johnson has managed to achieve in four months what my wife hasn’t in 40-plus years of marriage. He’s stopped me going to the pub.
Tim O’Malley
Stone, Staffordshire

• As I am saving money by not going out, but worry about the future of our venues and artists, I’m sending the ticket money for every gig I’ll miss to my local (closed) jazz club and buying a CD from every band that would have played. Keep music alive!
John Forsyth

• My Scottish grandmother defined a gentleman as someone who could play the bagpipes, but didn’t (Letters, 17 March).
David Thomas

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