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Archaeology must open up to become more diverse
Archaeology classrooms are becoming more representative, but we need practitioners with more varied backgrounds and perspectives

Raksha Dave

23, May, 2016 @12:30 PM

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Creating positive action to support unrecognised female artists
Tate Modern will show more women’s art and Freelands Foundation’s £100,000 award for female artists marks progress, but there is more work to be done

Susan Jones

06, May, 2016 @10:50 AM

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Burning Man chief: 'it helps people connect more authentically'
Marian Goodell talks about the 75,000 person-strong experiment in temporary community, from litter and leadership to fundraising and festival culture

Interview by Matthew Caines

22, Apr, 2016 @11:30 AM

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Five steps to engage and energise arts company staff
Connecting with staff around a coherent brand strategy can improve happiness, productivity and collaboration

Eleanor Appleby

08, Apr, 2016 @2:11 PM

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Arts fundraising: a job not just for fundraisers
Four industry pros share their thoughts on arts fundraising, from storytelling and pitching to ethics and responsibility

25, Feb, 2016 @2:00 PM

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Top tips to deliver successful community opera programmes
Treat participants like professionals, but don’t forget that they’re not full-time performers, advises Glyndebourne’s head of education

Lucy Perry

03, Feb, 2016 @11:00 AM

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'Volunteers are like a secret weapon of the museums sector'
Museum volunteer Jack Walton explains why his contribution is based on his pride in history, heritage and collections

29, Jan, 2016 @9:30 AM

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An ode to our museum volunteers – integral to what we do
Volunteers are vital to the work of museums, but it’s important to build trust and respect – and tell them how much you value what they do

Rachel Baron

29, Jan, 2016 @9:30 AM

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City of Culture chief: we're latching on to Hull's unique voice
As the city of Larkin plans for its reign as 2017 culture capital, Martin Green talks about becoming a Hull resident, the ‘very, very challenging’ financial environment and the power of culture to inspire confidence

Interview by Jo Caird

08, Dec, 2015 @1:36 PM

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#LoveTheatreDay 2015 – as it happened
On 18 November, more than 300 theatres and groups from across the world joined audience members to celebrate #LoveTheatreDay on Twitter

Matthew Caines

18, Nov, 2015 @5:38 PM

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'The unsung hero of UK culture' – industry voices on why they love theatre
To celebrate #LoveTheatreDay, four stage professionals share what they think makes theatre so special – and why it needs our support

18, Nov, 2015 @11:00 AM

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Embrace the messiness of UK arts and culture
It is just as important to nurture individuals and micro arts groups as it is to protect big bricks and mortar institutions

Susan Jones

02, Nov, 2015 @4:20 PM

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