Legalising cannabis could raise billions in taxes. Think of what we could do with that money! | First Dog on the Moon

Woah – you could fund, like, EVERYTHING!


First Dog on the Moon

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What do you think about legalising cannabis in the UK?
The government has announced a review into the use of medicinal cannabis – we want to hear your views

Guardian readers

25, Jun, 2018 @11:22 AM

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Why legalising cannabis isn't logical | Melissa Kite

Melissa Kite: The choice is not either to ban or to legalise everything. What is needed is restraint and protection for children

Melissa Kite

16, Sep, 2013 @7:15 PM

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I hate drugs, but teenagers are dying while we maintain a supposed moral veneer | Van Badham
Prohibition does not work and it is narcissism to continue with this policy

Van Badham

11, Jul, 2019 @2:29 AM

Legalising cannabis 'would break terrorist link'
The government could afford to take the political risk of legalising cannabis as a first step to breaking the link between drugs and terrorism, Mo Mowlam said yesterday.

Owen Bowcott

04, Oct, 2002 @9:51 AM

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Legalising cannabis ‘could earn Treasury £3.5bn’
Report suggests change to law would generate revenue and cut costs across justice system

Jamie Doward

02, Jun, 2018 @8:30 PM

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Congratulations to the Greens political party, they have finally done something useful! FINALLY! YEAH! | First Dog on the Moon
They did it (and this is amazing) by having policies that didn’t totally suck

First Dog on the Moon

30, May, 2022 @6:45 AM

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If the Greens don’t do something radical they will be on 10% primary vote UNTIL THE END OF EARTH | First Dog on the Moon
How hard could it be to provide a socialist, socially just, environmentally coherent lefty alternative ?

First Dog on the Moon

04, Mar, 2019 @6:46 AM

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Ditching the war on drugs won't be the silver bullet, but it's an essential new pathway | Antony Loewenstein
Australia remains disconnected to more enlightened drug policies internationally. No major country, however, dares argue for the complete legalisation of all drugs

Antony Loewenstein

24, Feb, 2016 @12:58 AM

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Drugs minister calls for legalising cannabis for medicinal use

Norman Baker will say in a letter to Jeremy Hunt that cannabis would help relieve symptoms of a range of medical conditions

Nicholas Watt, chief political correspondent

13, Aug, 2014 @10:43 PM

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Drugs are a health and social issue. Why do we make it a law enforcement battle? | Alex Wodak
We know that drug prohibition doesn’t work. And yet Australia has continued its drug policy because bad policy has been good politics

Alex Wodak

28, Dec, 2017 @8:00 PM