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If Charlotte Higgins’ “anthropologists from another world” (Why we shouldn’t be calling our healthcare workers ‘heroes’, 27 May) read the ninth chapter of the book of Genesis, they would understand that the NHS rainbow emblem is less “apotropaic device” and more post-diluvian promissorily covenantal, as I’m sure most plain-speaking hebdomadal hand-clappers and saucepan-bangers would agree.
Fr Alec Mitchell
Holyhead, Anglesey

• Presumably, as a former denizen of Durham, Mr Cummings is aware of the vernacular use of the term Barnard (or Barney) Castle to indicate “a pathetic excuse”. Classic Dom.
Austen Lynch
Garstang, Lancashire

• Re the revival of The Archers, after six weeks of ignoring the problem and three weeks of intensive preparation, a series of monologues is the best they can come up with (The Archers returns to Radio 4 with Ambridge under lockdown, 24 May). Sound familiar?
Richard Giles
Tynemouth, Tyne and Wear

• Several readers have written in with good tips for alternative uses of nylon stockings (Letters, 24 May). I just hope that anyone tempted to try out any of these new uses doesn’t strain themselves in the process.
Chris Drinkwater

• As a retired Roman Catholic priest I have been disturbed by recent letters concerning tights. It seems that not only have I been deprived of the love and companionship of a wife and family for the 46 years of my priesthood by the church’s insistence on celibacy, but also of the many uses to which men put their wives’ tights!
Martin Riley
Stockport, Cheshire


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