Are you living in unsafe or barely habitable housing?

If you are living in poor housing with issues such as mould or damp we’d like to hear from you

The latest figure for those missing and presumed dead in the Grenfell Tower fire is currently 70, with a further nine confirmed dead. Police are now considering manslaughter charges after it was revealed that parts of the building, including insulation and tiles, failed safety tests.

In light of what happened at Grenfell, local authorities are under scrutiny to ensure the safety of their buildings and their residents.

Whether you are a social housing tenant, or rent from a private landlord, you may have experienced mould, damp or safety concerns in your home. If this is the case we’d like to hear from you. For those who do not know whom to approach in these situations, we have put together a guide on where you can get help and advice about issues and repairs.

Share your experiences

We’d like to hear about the unsafe or poor housing conditions that you live in. What issues have you experienced and has someone addressed them? How have you and your family been affected? Perhaps you are worried about their health and safety. What do you think should be done in light of the issues you have raised?

You can share your experiences, anonymously if you prefer, in the form below. The form is encrypted and only the Guardian can see your responses. We may feature some of your responses in our reporting.


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