In praise of … bringing the jobs home | Editorial

Quality products can be made closer to home without damaging business profits

So much for "those jobs aren't coming back". That was Steve Jobs' response when asked by Barack Obama in 2011 what it would take to make iPhones in the US. Scroll down two years to this week, when the late Mr Jobs' beloved Apple announced that the new Mac Pro would be designed in California and made in a purpose-built plant in Texas. Back in the 80s, Apple used to boast about producing its goods in the US. Then came globalisation, the theology of outsourcing and "made in China". But quality products can be made closer to home without damaging business profits: the iPhone could have been made in America and still be the most profitable smartphone in the world. A serious industrial policy, either in the UK or the US, would reward companies for producing (and employing) closer to home through tax reliefs for domestic value added. Oh, and the Mac Pro looks great, by the way – wallet-damagingly swish.



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