In praise of … tweets | Editorial

UK tweeters – and there are now 10 million – have discovered myriad ways in which less is more

#JustSaying, but when we first hailed Twitter in 2007, many doubters were withering about another electronic outlet for compulsive communicators – with a 140-character limit to guarantee they could relay nothing tastier than what they'd had for breakfast. But UK tweeters – and there are now 10 million – have since discovered myriad ways in which less is more. "There's a plane in the Hudson", with a link to the photo, really was all that needed to be said when that occurred. Brevity brings the speed that allowed @ReallyVirtual to unwittingly scoop the US president by reporting on the raid that killed Bin Laden. @MarsPhoenix has sent bite-sized missives, in both words and binary, straight from the red planet. If pithy news is better, then pithy views are best. After all, even a truly winning line – "2b or not 2b, that is the question" – can leave 106 characters spare. Best of all, the 165 words of a third leader suddenly feels big enough to bathe in.


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