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The Millennium RIOT Readers review The Sin Eater’s Daughter, My Name is Mina and The Weight of Water

The Sin Eater’s Daughter by Melinda Sainsbury

Review by Chenise

As a daughter of the Gods, Twylla is used in the King’s court as an executioner to those who oppose the throne. With just one touch, she poisons anyone who comes into contact with her skin. Twylla is betrothed to the Prince and spends her days alone in her tower surrounded by guards.

This book is dark and mysterious, with the characters all hiding their own agenda. The Queen is obsessed with power and she gives the story such a disturbing twist.

Photograph: Guardian Bookshop

Definitely one to read.

My Name is Mina by David Almond

Review by Beth

Mina is an unusual girl. Home-schooled by her mam and still grieving the death of her father, she spends her days mostly up a tree thinking, writing and dreaming.

The book is unusual as it is Mina’s notebook of thoughts and whatever is in her mind flows onto the page. It is the sequel to Skellig and the last page is where Michael moves into her street.

Photograph: Guardian Bookshop

This book is unique and wonderful. If you have never tried David Almond’s books before then start here. I could not recommend this book highly enough to any reader.

The Weight of Water by Sarah Crossan

Review by Lizzie

Kasienka is moved to England from Poland by her mother. In search of her father, who moved months before, they find a small flat and Kassie is enrolled into a local secondary school. As English is not her first language, she often struggles and finds it hard to make friends. At home, her mother is obsessed with finding out what has become of her husband and Kassie is dragged into the search constantly.

Photograph: Guardian Bookshop

This book is beautiful, absolutely beautiful to read. It is such a warm and well-written story of a young girl struggling to deal with life. There is so much drama in the story and it is uniquely written in prose. I would recommend this to anybody!

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