Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout – review

‘It had a very unique twist to the story and I thought it was fantastic’

Obsidian tells the journey of Katy, a 17 year old who has recently moved to West Virginia. She tries to befriend her neighbours, Dee and Daemon Black, but while she and Dee become close friends, Daemon is very arrogant and shows much hatred towards Katy. Little does Katy know that Daemon and Dee are in fact aliens, who are trying to escape from someone who is trying to steal their powers.

Katy becomes entangled in this ‘new world’ and the dangers it invloves. I admit I had many misconceived expectations of this novel, as I believed it would be one of those that were easy to guess what happens and cliché.

Although there were some moments that were very predictable and almost stereotypical, mostly I felt it was quite original in the fact that it’s not your normal ‘alien’ young adult story.


It had a very unique twist to the story and I thought it was fantastic. I was solely hooked on how Katy’s story would play out and the style of writing was amazing and flowed really easily, making this a very quick read.

The character of Katy was very well presented and she became a very relatable character. She is a book lover/blogger and I felt that created a bond between the reader and character which some other books may lack. Especially in sci-fi/fantasy novels, it’s hard to keep that sense of realism in the storyline but Armentrout does an amazing job and I think that was the main reason why I enjoyed this book so much.

Another thing was that fantasy novels are my favourite genre and I loved the theme of light throughout this novel, as it wasn’t really something I had read before.

Obsidian is just a stunningly well-written novel with an amazing plot and I definitely recommend it to all young adult readers.

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