Credit crunch

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Fintech firms want to keep their golden shares. London may be forced to agree
Watering-down stock market rules might sound outrageous, but the success of these companies matters to the market

28, Feb, 2021 @7:00 AM

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'Bad loans' of banks risking credit crunch, warns European commission
Europe facing post-Covid finance squeeze as indebted businesses crash affecting economy

Daniel Boffey in Brussels

16, Dec, 2020 @2:51 PM

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Claim Amanda Staveley in charge of Abu Dhabi Barclays deal 'a fantasy', court told
Court hears evidence from ex-director of sovereign wealth fund as bank sued for up to £1.5bn

Kalyeena Makortoff Banking correspondent

15, Jul, 2020 @3:28 PM

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JP Morgan sets aside $8.3bn to cover Covid-19 losses
Wall Street bank earmarks sum to cover credit cards and oil and gas sector losses

Kalyeena Makortoff

14, Apr, 2020 @3:44 PM

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The sub-prime timebomb is back – this time companies are lighting the fuse
Leveraged loans are ringing alarm bells for regulators who fear a repeat of 2008’s mortgage disaster

Kalyeena Makortoff

12, Jan, 2019 @3:59 PM

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Ten years after its near-collapse, RBS is still a toxic brand | Fran Boait
The bank needs to regain the trust of the British public, says Fran Boait of campaign group Positive Money

Fran Boait

11, Oct, 2018 @7:00 AM

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Ten years after the crash: have the lessons of Lehman been learned? | Yanis Varoufakis and others
Our panel of writers considers what has changed – and what still needs to

Yanis Varoufakis, Ann Pettifor , Mark Littlewood, David Blanchflower, Olli Rehn, Nicky Morgan, and Micah White

14, Sep, 2018 @11:04 AM

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UK consumer credit growth falls to 18-month low
Decline will soothe Bank of England fears about reckless lending while household incomes are being squeezed

Phillip Inman

29, Nov, 2017 @1:05 PM

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Don’t dismiss bankers' predictions of a bitcoin bubble – they should know
The virtual currency’s success reflects the continuing lack of trust in traditional banking following the credit crunch

17, Sep, 2017 @7:16 AM

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10 years after the crash, alternatives are emerging | Letters
Letters: David Murray on debunking economic myths; Les Bright on politicians with no answers; Ed Runham on Labour being unfairly blamed; Alan Cleaver on banks having learned nothing; and Frank Field MP on a programme to boost wages


10, Aug, 2017 @6:12 PM

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We let the 2007 financial crisis go to waste | Torsten Bell
Attlee and Roosevelt built a fairer world off the back of economic catastrophe, says Torsten Bell, director of the Resolution Foundation

Torsten Bell

09, Aug, 2017 @5:00 AM

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A decade after the financial meltdown, its underlying problems haven’t been fixed
The banks have, to a certain extent, changed their ways: but cheap credit, low interest rates and mountains of debt are still with us

06, Aug, 2017 @6:00 AM

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