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Alcohol-free Guinness set to hit shelves in Britain and Ireland
Diageo’s Guinness 0.0 comes amid burgeoning interest in low- and no- alcohol drinks

Rebecca Smithers

22, Oct, 2020 @4:48 PM

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Budweiser to stop using plastic for all its UK beer four-packs before 2021
Brewer plans to cut plastic use by 850 tonnes a year with new approaches to packaging

Rebecca Smithers Consumer affairs correspondent

22, Sep, 2019 @11:01 PM

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‘It's in the eye of the beholder’ – drinks giants defend ‘craft beer’ branding
Report shows many consumers unaware of buying from global firms instead of small brewers

Rob Davies

11, Mar, 2019 @6:01 AM

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World’s largest brewer develops greener way to put bubbles in beer
Gas bubbles will be generated without boiling, which AB InBev says will cut its CO2 emissions

Daniel Boffey in Brussels

11, Apr, 2018 @11:30 AM

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Trouble brewing: AB InBev accused of keeping cheap beer from Belgians
EU investigation finds brewer may have deliberately prevented cheaper imports from reaching consumers in Belgium

Daniel Boffey in Brussels

30, Nov, 2017 @4:02 PM

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Bitter rivalry: conflict brews as craft beer makers take on big firms
Many small brewers fear an existential threat from the likes of Heineken and the Budweiser owner AB InBev

Rob Davies

09, Oct, 2017 @5:00 AM

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Indie brewers fight back in bitter row over beer brands' craft credentials
Trade body says drinkers deserve to know whether they are buying genuine craft beer or one made by a multinational

Rob Davies

11, Jul, 2017 @5:00 AM

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Camden Town Brewery founder insists big can also be beautiful
Craft beer is about attitude and ingredients rather than size, says Jasper Cuppaidge, as he moves into huge new premises

Zoe Wood

08, Jul, 2017 @7:46 PM

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Hate the Pepsi ad, but love the Heineken one? You've been duped | Jamie Peck
That vague progressivism is now a better way to sell beer than, say, hot chicks in bikinis, reflects shifting societal attitudes for which Heineken gets no credit

Jamie Peck

01, May, 2017 @2:31 PM

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Super Bowl ads trolling Trump: 'The world is more beautiful the more you accept'
Advertisements for drinks, cars and avocados have taken aim at the controversial policies championed by the new US president and his team

Elle Hunt

06, Feb, 2017 @4:28 AM

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Mortlake brewery selling vats and all before being turned into luxury flats
Equipment ABInBev left behind is to be auctioned by Singaporean buyer of historic site in south-west London

Rob Davies

07, Dec, 2016 @5:40 PM

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After Apple, the other tax deals in the European commission's sights
US multinationals Amazon and McDonald’s deny receiving illegal state aid through alleged preferential arrangements with authorities

Staff and agencies

30, Aug, 2016 @8:19 PM

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