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Revealed: secret courts that allow energy firms to sue for billions accused of ‘bias’ as governments exit
Secret court set up under energy charter treaty accused of conflicts of interest, self-regulation issues and institutional bias

Arthur Neslen

14, Nov, 2022 @12:54 PM

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Rules-based order on pavements too | Brief letters
Brief letters: Childcare hearings | Cycling | Trade deals | ‘Essential’ products


28, Oct, 2020 @5:04 PM

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Trump, the EU and capitalist greed | Letters
Letters: Readers respond to Natalie Nougayrède’s piece on why Trump and his team want to wipe out the EU, and note Mike Pence’s carefully worded praise


22, Feb, 2019 @4:35 PM

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Much to fear from post-Brexit trade deals with ISDS mechanisms | Letters
Letters: Investor-state dispute settlement is a threat to human rights, health and the environment, say representatives of trade unions, charities and faith groups


20, Feb, 2019 @6:39 PM

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Brexit deal: Hammond says financial services will not be frozen out
Chancellor disputes French minister’s claim that trade deal cannot include financial sector

Larry Elliott Economics editor

06, Mar, 2018 @10:30 PM

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A customs union won’t help – there is no such thing as a ‘soft’ Brexit | Vernon Bogdanor
The real choice facing Britain is stark: between a ‘hard’ Brexit, and staying in the EU, writes academic Vernon Bogdanor

Vernon Bogdanor

27, Feb, 2018 @1:35 PM

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Liam Fox’s Pacific plan is toxic. Post-Brexit trade policies need proper scrutiny | Nick Dearden
Joining the dysfunctional Trans-Pacific Partnership would help only big business, writes activist Nick Dearden

Nick Dearden

04, Jan, 2018 @8:59 AM

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We can’t leave new trade deals to buccaneers like Liam Fox | Barry Gardiner
Plans to allow government to strike agreements without the oversight of MPs are an assault on parliamentary sovereignty, says shadow secretary of state for international trade, energy and climate change, Barry Gardiner

Barry Gardiner

21, Nov, 2017 @9:00 AM

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UK debt crisis and the onward march of neoliberalism | Letters
Letters: Quantitative easing allowed the wealthy to get out of cash and into assets, writes Martin London; the provisionally passed Ceta deal is TTIP by the back door, says John Airs. Plus letters by David Dodd and Paul Nicolson


21, Sep, 2017 @6:39 PM

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Hopes of EU-US trade agreement put on ice, say Brussels sources
Uncertainty grows about trade deal with the EU that some in the US felt would be more important to its interests than a post-Brexit deal with Theresa May

Daniel Boffey in Brussels

05, Jun, 2017 @10:46 PM

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A US trade deal out of the EU’s Reach would be a health and safety disaster | Geraint Davies
Unsafe products could reach our supermarkets if Britain has to rely on the US Environmental Protection Agency rather than the EU’s ‘precautionary principle’

Geraint Davies

05, Apr, 2017 @12:10 PM

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Yes, Ceta is a gold-standard trade deal – for North America’s corporations | Stuart Trew
Stuart Trew

Stuart Trew

13, Feb, 2017 @2:00 PM

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