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The headline on your long read (1 November) asks if the IMF is fit for purpose. In a word: yes. The IMF is the stick used to break open national economies like so many piñatas to enrich the global rich and powerful at the expense of ordinary citizens. As such, it is working exactly as intended.
Ed Barrett
Bebington, Merseyside

• The west coast of Scotland has a marvellous quality of slowing things down, allowing gaps to appear between the seconds. Ian Jack’s writing had a similar quality (Obituary, 30 October). When reading his columns, the pace dropped to a level that meant everyone could clamber on. No horn was beeped in vain. Let’s all light candles for the great man.
Andrew Peacock

• Unfortunately, there will soon be no libraries to “get clever” in (Letters, 31 October). They will all have been closed because of the reckless, cruel austerity in place during 12 years of Tory rule.
Barbara Smith
Upton, Merseyside

• A top 40 of shows on Channel 4 (2 November) and no mention of Drop the Dead Donkey? That’s a very serious omission.
John Bryant
Topsham, Devon

• I wasn’t sure I would enjoy your long read on moss (3 November), but it’s growing on me.
Richard Percy
Newburgh, Lancashire

• Surely it’s time to rename PMQs to PMDATQs – Prime Minister Doesn’t Answer The Questions.
Mary Hutty

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