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How can pay cuts for people working from home be justified when money is being saved on desks, staff facilities and office space (Civil servants in London could see pay cut if they resist return to office, 9 August)? Surely working from home is saving the huge cost of running large offices. Or are we missing the point here – that pressure is being applied by property owners, developers and politicians who will all lose out if we vacate big towns and cities?
David Bruton
Colchester, Essex

• After guides to the Euros, Olympics and the Premier League, can we look forward to a supplement for readers who are mainly interested in things other than sport? Perhaps a guide to classical music festivals and events?
Elizabeth Swinbank

• I doubt that those of us who suffer severe tinnitus would find bellringing ticking all the boxes for health and wellbeing (Letters, 11 August). Some years ago my then GP called the condition “the bells of hell”.
Jean Jackson
Seer Green, Buckinghamshire

• My late father was the headteacher of a junior school and always spoke to each child on their first day at school (Letters, 12 August). “What is your name?” he would ask. One shy child was very hesitant in answering so he further prompted with: “What does your father call you?” “You little bugger” was the immediate and somewhat startling response.
Richard Ward
Cobham, Surrey

• “Rishi Sunak and Boris Johnson leaving Downing Street” (photo caption, Journal, 12 August). If only.
David Cooper
Nafferton, east Yorkshire

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