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Drs Mellon and Prosser explain (Letters, 6 May) why the opinion polls were wrong at the last general election – a failure to obtain representative samples. Specifically, pollsters did not contact enough people from hard-to-reach groups that do not vote in elections. What I want to know is, has this mistake been eliminated in the current polls, which are being respectfully reported, on voting intentions? Are the pollsters now doing the job properly? Can we trust these polls?
Oliver Williams

I agree with Chris Birch (Letters, 9 May). Subtitles flash on and off, cover translations, appear at different places on the screen and sometimes continue over the following programme. Theresa May gabbles, Jeremy Corbyn has a beard, both impossible for lip-readers. It’s no wonder we retire to bed, exhausted.
Jean Jackson
Seer Green, Buckinghamshire

• I don’t find it at all strange that a teenager would have Margaret Thatcher’s picture on his bedroom wall (G2, 9 May). Our son had her picture on his dartboard.
Barbara Freeman

• Richard Carden (Letters, 8 May) perhaps misses the point when he attributes English councils’ democratic deficit to first past the post. Since 2001, every council without an elected mayor has by law had a quasi-mayor (the leader) making almost all the decisions. In effect that’s one-person rule (give or take a small sofa cabinet chosen by the leader) irrespective of the council’s political balance.
Nick Beale

• The correspondence regarding grandparents (Letters, passim) reminds me of a very old joke: My grandparents were called Pearl and Dean but we knew them as Grandma and Grandpapapapapapapapapapapa.
Steve Vanstone

• A friend of mine used to refer to his daughters’ long-term unmarried partners as his “sons-in-love” (Letters, passim).
Dr Brigid Purcell

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