William Burroughs

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Top 10 books about hellraisers
The full facts about debauched lives do not make happy reading, but authors from Robert Louis Stevenson to Hunter S Thompson offer thrilling reading without concealing the cost

David Fleming

21, Dec, 2022 @12:00 PM

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Olivia Laing: ‘I’m sorry, but Jane Eyre is a horrendous little hysteric’
The British writer on discovering Barthes, channelling Burroughs and appreciating the talents of Patricia Highsmith’s Mr Ripley

Olivia Laing

25, Feb, 2022 @10:00 AM

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Dreamachine, the psychedelic contraption hoping to blow British minds
Inspired by a device created by in the 1950s, the creators hope to bring free transcendental experiences to 100,000 Britons – and unite the country through communal hallucinations

Stuart Jeffries

16, Feb, 2022 @10:00 AM

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William S Burroughs and the Cult of Rock’n’Roll by Casey Rae review – countercultural hero
From Bowie to Cobain, heavy metal to Blade Runner – how the Naked Lunch author changed pop culture

Fiona Sturges

21, Nov, 2020 @7:30 AM

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Ever heard of Blade Runner: A Movie? No, not that one
There’s Ridley Scott’s film. There’s the Philip K Dick’s book it was based on. And then there is William Burroughs’ forgotten screenplay-turned-novella

David Barnett

19, Nov, 2019 @12:11 PM

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Book clinic: can you recommend novels and nonfiction books about cats?
There are so many literary felines to savour

Jessie Burton

10, Aug, 2019 @5:00 PM

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Tell us: what books are the most shocking or disturbing?
On this week’s Guardian books podcast, we discuss the books that we struggled to finish or even had to hide because they were so shocking – what are yours and why?

Guardian readers and Sian Cain

12, Feb, 2019 @2:02 PM

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Guilty pleasures? For women that’s most of our culture
From John Martyn and Lars von Trier to Woody Allen and William Burroughs, women must deal with ‘problematic’ artists on a daily basis

Suzanne Moore

03, Dec, 2018 @6:11 PM

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After Burroughs and Beckett: opening up experimental fiction beyond old white men
A poet who samples hip-hop and household appliances, a Hansel and Gretel for the #MeToo era ... the avant garde is more diverse and engaged than ever

Harvey Thomlinson

08, Oct, 2018 @1:53 PM

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Top 10 books based in Tangier
From William Burroughs’s Naked Lunch to Paul Bowles’s translations of Moroccan authors, here are the best novels set in the city

Christine Mangan

28, Mar, 2018 @1:19 PM

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Top 10 experimental thrillers
In these risk-taking novels, by writers from Paul Auster to William Burroughs, watching the formal adventures can be as thrilling as the detective work

Tony White

27, Dec, 2017 @10:00 AM

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Clinton and Patterson or Burroughs and Austen? Who'd be the best writing duo?
Bill Clinton and James Patterson are collaborating, but who do we really want to team up? Neil Gaiman and Philip Pullman? What if Emma’s author cut up with Mr Naked Lunch?

Danuta Kean

09, May, 2017 @9:44 AM

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