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The Name of the Rose review – too many monks spoil the plot
Rupert Everett steals the show as an evil inquisitor, but this messy adaptation of Umberto Eco’s mystery in the abbey requires the patience of a saint to follow

Lucy Mangan

11, Oct, 2019 @9:01 PM

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From Bag End to Babel: Top 10 libraries in fiction
Writers as different as JRR Tolkien and Jorge Luis Borges have stacked some of their most giddying visions on imaginary shelves. Check them out

Stuart Kells

31, Jul, 2019 @12:45 PM

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Top 10 conspiracy theories in fiction
Stories that appear to buy into hidden plots, from Franz Kafka to Thomas Pynchon, have an insistent appeal for readers looking to find out ‘what really happened’

James Miller

17, Jan, 2018 @10:00 AM

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From Heaney’s poetry to Rushdie’s surprise appearance: inside Hay’s 30-year archive
As the Hay festival prepares to donate its records to the British Library, the Observer is given exclusive access to the documents that chart its rise

Dan Glaister

03, Jun, 2017 @11:04 PM

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Systems fiction: a novel way to think about the present
Seen in literary fiction as well as SF, this genre weaves together complex debates in a way that can offer a clearer view of the future – think Atwood, DeLillo and Asimov

Damien Walter

24, Jun, 2016 @3:00 PM

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Pape Satàn Aleppe by Umberto Eco review – why the modern world is stupid
This collection of magazine columns published in Italy after the author’s recent death covers a vast array of subjects, from Facebook to Berlusconi to gun control – are all subject to his illuminating but rather withering glare

Tim Parks

06, Apr, 2016 @6:29 AM

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My hero: Umberto Eco by Jonathan Coe
The author of Name of the Rose was a model European intellectual who anticipated the Da Vinci Code

Jonathan Coe

27, Feb, 2016 @10:00 AM

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Final Umberto Eco book publication pushed forward after author's death
Pape Satàn Aleppe: Chronicles of a Liquid Society is a collection of essays that was originally set to be published in May 2016

Sian Cain

22, Feb, 2016 @6:19 PM

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Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird: a classic with many lives to live
In the wake of the deaths of Harper Lee and Umberto Eco, what is it about their work that endures?

Alex Clark

21, Feb, 2016 @12:55 AM

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Umberto Eco: ‘People are tired of simple things’
Life, like fiction, was an endlessly absorbing game for an intellectual who wore his great learning lightly

Stephen Moss

20, Feb, 2016 @1:43 PM

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Umberto Eco, Italian novelist and intellectual, dies aged 84
The revered literary critic, author and essayist – most famous for 1980 novel The Name of the Rose – had been suffering from cancer

Kevin Rawlinson

20, Feb, 2016 @10:29 AM

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Umberto Eco in quotes – 10 of the best
A bestselling novelist, semiotician, philosopher, essayist, literary critic... no matter the form, Umberto Eco explored the intricacies of human behaviour, love and literature with grace and nuance. Here are some of his best quotes

20, Feb, 2016 @7:37 AM

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