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Jürgen Klopp says Brentford ‘stretched rules’ at set pieces in win over Liverpool
Jürgen Klopp said Liverpool were undone by ‘chaos’ at set pieces and added that Brentford’s third goal should have been disallowed

Nick Ames at the Gtech Community Stadium

02, Jan, 2023 @9:39 PM

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Christian Eriksen can be Brentford’s ‘greatest signing’, claims Thomas Frank
Eriksen is coming back from the cardiac arrest he suffered at Euro 2020, but Frank has insisted that ‘everything is perfect’ with the midfielder’s health

John Brewin

03, Feb, 2022 @10:41 PM

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Donald Trump, 'worst politician ever', on path to re-election, Thomas Frank says
Political analyst says Trump could ‘blunder into re-election’ unless Democrats target working class disaffection

Katharine Murphy Political editor

30, Jul, 2018 @5:59 AM

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The Democrats' Davos ideology won't win back the midwest | Thomas Frank
The party has harmed millions of their own former constituents. If they change course, they can reverse their losses

Thomas Frank

27, Apr, 2017 @9:21 PM

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Thomas Frank on how Republicans seized the US economic agenda - video interview

Author of The Unlikely Comeback of the Right's alarming picture of a Romney presidency

Sarah Crown, Andy Gallagher and Mona Mahmood

05, Nov, 2012 @4:43 PM

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Pity the Billionaire by Thomas Frank - review
Nicholas Lezard on the evil roots of the American right

Nicholas Lezard

02, Oct, 2012 @12:04 PM

Critical eye: book reviews roundup
The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach, Pity the Billionaire by Thomas Frank and Nick Cohen's You Can't Read This Book

20, Jan, 2012 @10:55 PM

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Pity the Billionaire by Thomas Frank - review

The banks escape sanction, Obama cowers, writes David Bromwich

David Bromwich

13, Jan, 2012 @10:55 PM

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Republicans: we don't need no regulation

The problem with the financial crisis wasn't that big business was too free from governance – it was the opposite. Or so say US Republicans. By Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank

06, Jan, 2012 @6:00 PM

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Pity the Billionaire: The Hard-Times Swindle and the Unlikely Comeback of the Right by Thomas Frank – review
Why have US conservatives, and not the left, monopolised political fury since the banks went down? This timely polemic by one of the best leftwing commentators provides the answer, says Nick Cohen

Nick Cohen

05, Jan, 2012 @11:00 AM

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Observer review: What's the Matter with America? by Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank, not Michael Moore, is the most incisive writer on contemporary America. Nick Cohen follows his account of the rise of the right, What's the Matter with America?

Nick Cohen

12, Sep, 2004 @12:33 AM

Observer review: One Market under God by Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank cuts through the fog surrounding the new economy in One Market under God

Tim Adams

04, Feb, 2001 @12:00 AM

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