Stan Lee

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Spider-Man at 20: the superhero film that changed blockbuster cinema
Sam Raimi’s charming, if patchy, 2002 adventure showed that mass audiences were eager for a new kind of superhero and the industry never looked back

Guy Lodge

03, May, 2022 @1:43 PM

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Beat it Batman – this foppish baronet was the world’s first superhero
Wonder Woman, Iron Man, Superman, Black Widow ... they can all trace their origins back to an exiled Hungarian baroness who dreamed up The Scarlet Pimpernel while riding the London Tube

Thomas W Hodgkinson

09, Mar, 2022 @11:42 AM

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Spider-Man beats Superman in record $3.6m comic sale
A copy of Peter Parker’s debut in Amazing Fantasy #15 has swooped over the Man of Steel to fetch the highest price ever paid for a single comic

Alison Flood

10, Sep, 2021 @12:48 PM

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Stan Lee's 'first novel for adults' to be published this autumn
Spider-Man and X-Men creator’s teenaged-superhero story A Trick of the Light also to be released this week as audiobook

Alison Flood

25, Jun, 2019 @1:03 PM

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Stan Lee: three more accused of elder abuse of Marvel creator
Joan Celia Lee files lawsuit against her father’s former manager, and two others, alleging a ‘sinister plot’ to take advantage of the ailing comics legend

David Barnett

05, Jun, 2019 @4:27 PM

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Stan Lee's business manager charged with elder abuse of Marvel creator
Keya Morgan, the memorabilia dealer who became close to the comics magnate, is accused of ‘false imprisonment, forgery and fraud’

David Barnett

14, May, 2019 @3:59 PM

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From zero to hero: how the Spider-Man franchise was saved
Bringing diversity to the ailing Spidey universe has helped free the characters, leading to an increase in both box office and critical acclaim

Gretchen Smail

13, Dec, 2018 @3:46 PM

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Hockney hits a new high and Spandau Ballet capture the cold war – the week in art
Hockney’s swimmer breaks a record, the Spands feel the chill and Fernand Léger imagines a female utopia – all in our weekly dispatch

Jonathan Jones

16, Nov, 2018 @3:17 PM

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Stan Lee, the progressive genius: Michel Faber pays tribute to Marvel's mythmaker
From student antiwar protests in Spider-Man to antisemitism in X-Men … Stan Lee, who died this week, explored profound themes through the prism of escapist entertainment

Michel Faber

16, Nov, 2018 @9:00 AM

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The 20 best Marvel films – ranked!
Following the death of Stan Lee – comic-book titan and prolific creator – we examine the screen adaptations of some of Marvel’s greatest characters. Excelsior!

Peter Bradshaw

15, Nov, 2018 @1:13 PM

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Stan Lee was working on a new superhero called Dirt Man, says daughter
JC Lee says the late co-creator of Marvel was helping her develop Dirt Man, after ‘trying to get him to do a character with me my entire life’

Alison Flood

14, Nov, 2018 @2:56 PM

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Why Smilin' Stan Lee was the greatest superhero of them all
He started out filling the inkwells at a pulp magazine and ended up spawning an $11bn juggernaut. Our writer salutes a legend – and the musclebound crusaders who lit up his childhood

Xan Brooks

13, Nov, 2018 @5:56 PM

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