Robert Hughes

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A word-perfect biography of a great artist
Robert Hughes’s account of the life of Goya shows the Australian critic at the height of his powers

Rachel Cooke

29, Nov, 2015 @4:00 PM

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My highlight: Goya
Why 2015 is the year finally to decide whether Goya was high-minded or simply fascinated by evil. By James Hall

James Hall

03, Jan, 2015 @9:00 AM

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Brilliant Creatures: Germaine, Clive, Barry and Bob review
Germaine, Clive, Barry and Bob came from a ‘blessed land at a blessed time’, writes Tim Dowling

Tim Dowling

17, Sep, 2014 @12:15 AM

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The Honourable Woman; Arena: The Fifty Year Argument; Rebels of Oz; The World's Best Diet – review
A new spy thriller with Maggie Gyllenhaal went straight for the jugular, while BBC4 soothed the intellect, writes Phil Hogan

Phil Hogan

05, Jul, 2014 @5:00 PM

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The Australians who set 60s Britain swinging
Documentary tells how Clive James, Germaine Greer, Barry Humphries and Robert Hughes, helped spawn Britain's counter-culture

Vanessa Thorpe

31, May, 2014 @9:14 PM

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Christmas gifts 2012: the best audiobooks
Sue Arnold listens to Bond, not bonking

Sue Arnold

30, Nov, 2012 @10:55 PM

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'Robert Hughes was brutally honest about art and himself,' writes Nicolas Kent

Nicolas Kent writes: Robert Hughes's opinions were always expressed with a muscular certainty, a disdain for anything fake

Nicolas Kent

13, Aug, 2012 @1:33 PM

In praise of … Robert Hughes | Editorial
Editorial: He believed passionately in an elitism that was not based on class, wealth or race, but on skill, imagination, high ability and intense vision


07, Aug, 2012 @7:42 PM

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Robert Hughes: the greatest art critic of our time

Jonathan Jones: Rude, hilarious, eloquent, but never petty ... the Australian writer, who has died aged 74, made criticism look like literature

Jonathan Jones

07, Aug, 2012 @12:06 PM

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Robert Hughes quotes: 20 of the best

Robert Hughes, the acclaimed art critic and writer, has died aged 74. Here are some of his best insights about the art world

07, Aug, 2012 @10:44 AM

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Remembering Robert Hughes: What did he do for art?

Hannah Freeman: The Australian critic Robert Hughes, who has died aged 74, shook up the art world with his uncompromising views. Share your thoughts about him here

Hannah Freeman

07, Aug, 2012 @9:40 AM

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Sue Arnold's audiobook choice – review
Rome: A Cultural, Visual and Personal History by Robert Hughes and The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Volume 1 by Edward Gibbon

Sue Arnold

22, Jun, 2012 @9:55 PM

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