Robert Graves

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Oh Deià – how the artists’ colony in Mallorca fell victim to Bransonification | Letters
Letters: Bruce Ross-Smith on Deià’s descent into an overpriced playground for plutocrats

31, Jan, 2023 @6:24 PM

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The importance of using the right language | Letters
Letters: Kevin Harper on the need to use plain English, and Peter Branston on new language and Thomas Hardy


06, Oct, 2021 @4:59 PM

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Robert Graves by Jean Moorcroft Wilson review – from war poet to Goodbye to All That
This sober biography includes convincing readings of his poetry, but it takes Graves’s charismatic lover to set the narrative alight

Edmund Gordon

01, Sep, 2018 @9:00 AM

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Robert Graves: From Great War Poet to Good-bye to All That – review
Jean Moorcroft Wilson’s commanding new biography reveals the poet to be a slipperier character than we imagined

Matthew Adams

12, Aug, 2018 @8:00 AM

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This Brexit mess cannot go on. Theresa May must stand down now | Matthew d’Ancona
She is said to be the only senior Tory who could preside over the talks. The trouble is, she’s making Britain an international joke, says Guardian columnist Matthew d’Ancona

Matthew d'Ancona

04, Feb, 2018 @3:36 PM

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Poem of the week: The Cool Web by Robert Graves
A fierce, small masterpiece, this addresses huge questions of language and war with beguiling ease

Carol Rumens

18, Dec, 2017 @11:00 AM

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On the vastness of the moor a stumpy gritstone shows the way
Country Diary: Redmires, Sheffield Scored by wind and rain, there is something square-jawed about the stone known as Stump John

Ed Douglas

15, Sep, 2017 @4:30 AM

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Top 10 books about tyrants
The novelist Christopher Wilson assembles a rogues’ gallery of despots and dictators from fact and fiction

Christopher Wilson

23, Aug, 2017 @12:00 PM

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The 100 best nonfiction books: No 44 – Goodbye to All That by Robert Graves (1929)
Robert Graves’s account of his experiences in the trenches of the first world war is a subversive tour de force

Robert McCrum

28, Nov, 2016 @5:44 AM

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Top 10 books about borders
From Bruce Chatwin to Cormac McCarthy, these are some of the best stories about what happens when boundaries – physical, political and psychological – are crossed

Marcus Sedgwick

19, Oct, 2016 @11:14 AM

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Which is your favourite classic book?
As we approach a million followers on Twitter, we’re celebrating with a series on our favourite books. Yesterday we revelled in our earliest reading memories, so today we’ve moved on to classics

Marta Bausells

05, Feb, 2015 @6:10 PM

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Alastair Reid obituary

Essayist who graced the columns of the New Yorker for 40 years, poet, and translator of many Hispanic authors

James Campbell

26, Sep, 2014 @5:55 PM

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