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Peter Hitchens: I’m no zealot | Letters
Letters: ‘I am a soppy, broad-church Anglican,’ says Peter Hitchens


08, Mar, 2018 @6:28 PM

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Peter Hitchens: my column did not refer to ‘squawking women’ | Letters
Letters: The Mail on Sunday columnist says Deborah Orr is wrong. He was using the term ‘squawking’ in a ‘gender-neutral, equal-opportunity’ way


15, Nov, 2017 @7:16 PM

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Reporting on historical sexual abuse allegations requires great care | Chris Elliott: Open door
Open door: The challenge for journalists is to be fair to those who come forward with the allegations and to those, living or dead, who are the subject of those allegations

Chris Elliott

15, Feb, 2016 @7:00 AM

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Not all lefties turn right with age. Far from it | Letters
Letters: In my experience, Trots from working-class backgrounds are much more likely to stay true to their socialist beliefs


10, Sep, 2015 @6:11 PM

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Peter Hitchens got me thinking: do lefties always have to turn right in old age? | Owen Jones
The Tory firebrand was once a Trotskyite. It’s a common enough political journey – but there are ways to avoid it

Owen Jones

09, Sep, 2015 @6:30 AM

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The Special Relationship: Uncovered; Charles Paris Mystery; The First Time With… Jimmy Page – radio review

Peter Hitchens tore into the myth of American partnership, while Bill Nighy rested and sleuthed, writes Euan Ferguson

Euan Ferguson

28, Jun, 2014 @5:00 PM

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The one where a Friends star talks about drugs on Newsnight | Oscar Rickett
Oscar Rickett: A debate on addiction with Matthew Perry and Peter Hitchens was dressed up as vital and intellectual but lacked any depth

Oscar Rickett

17, Dec, 2013 @5:02 PM

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Q&A with Germaine Greer, Dan Savage, Peter Hitchens and Hanna Rosin – Twitter TV review
Q&A ditched the politicians in favour of speakers from the Festival of Dangerous Ideas. So how dangerous were they?

04, Nov, 2013 @9:26 PM

Why this headline should not say 'Paul Dacre hates Ed Miliband'

Roy Greenslade on the continuing dispute between the Labour leader and the Daily Mail's editor

Roy Greenslade

07, Oct, 2013 @7:48 AM

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Why the Mail's Peter Hitchens won't be making Hay | Media Monkey
Media Monkey: MoS columnist dropped from lineup at Telegraph-sponsored festival


29, May, 2013 @9:04 AM

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Media Monkey: Peter Hitchens, the BBC and Trevor Kavanagh
Read Media Monkey from the Monday print pages


17, Mar, 2013 @6:48 PM

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Media Monkey's diary: BBC, Private Eye and Peter Hitchens
Read Monkey's diary from the Monday print section


13, Jan, 2013 @6:19 PM

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