Man Booker prize 2013

Eleanor Catton on The Luminaries – books podcast

The New Zealand novelist Eleanor Catton explains how her Booker prize-winning novel The Luminaries is bathed in starlight but driven by the iron exigencies of plot

Presented by Claire Armitstead and John Mullan, produced by Tim Maby

16, May, 2014 @12:57 PM

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John Mullan on The Luminaries – Guardian book club
Astrology shapes the strange and intricate plotting of Eleanor Catton's Man Booker-winning novel, writes John Mullan

John Mullan

04, Apr, 2014 @5:30 PM

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Book Club with Eleanor Catton

Join the youngest ever winner of the Man Booker Prize for a discussion of her novel The Luminaries on Tuesday 8 April

06, Mar, 2014 @2:58 PM

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Harvest by Jim Crace – review

A village's age-old way of life is threatened in Jim Crace's powerful novel, writes Sophia Martelli

Sophia Martelli

16, Feb, 2014 @2:00 PM

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The best literary spats of 2013

From Bret Easton Ellis's denouncement of Alice Munro to the Team Nigella backlash, John Dugdale looks back on the writers' rows of the year

John Dugdale

13, Dec, 2013 @7:29 AM

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Man Booker extends net to US judges as well as novelists
Two US-born judges join Booker panel as prize opens entry to all English-language authors, writes Richard Lea

Richard Lea

12, Dec, 2013 @1:10 PM

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Granta turns on the presses after Eleanor Catton's Booker prize win
Publisher rushes out 100,000 extra copies of Catton's The Luminaries to capitalise on their first Booker prize win

Jennifer Rankin

18, Oct, 2013 @4:01 PM

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Eleanor Catton's precocious predecessors
John Dugdale: This year's Man Booker prizewinner is the youngest ever, but she's far from being the first author to make an early impression

John Dugdale

18, Oct, 2013 @9:59 AM

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Eleanor Catton: The land of the long white cloud
Man Booker prize winner Eleanor Catton on growing up in New Zealand

Eleanor Catton

17, Oct, 2013 @4:30 PM

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Ten ways to win the Booker prize

What does it take to be awarded the Man Booker prize? We look at the data on which university the winning authors went to, how old they were, the length of their books and what themes they favoured

Mona Chalabi and George Arnett

16, Oct, 2013 @3:40 PM

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Eleanor Catton: 'Male writers get asked what they think, women what they feel'

Charlotte Higgins: The 2013 Man Booker-prize winner on the unfair treatment of female writers and why her book The Luminaries riled male critics of a certain age

Charlotte Higgins

16, Oct, 2013 @2:36 PM

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Why you should read The Luminaries

It may be 832 pages long, but Eleanor Catton's Man Booker-winning novel is brilliantly plotted and full of characters the reader can relate to

Liz Bury

16, Oct, 2013 @10:47 AM

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