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Top 10 stories about bored teenagers | John Patrick McHugh
Writers from Alice Munro to JD Salinger capture the restless ennui and dangerous passions of the do-nothing years before adulthood sets in

John Patrick McHugh

28, Jul, 2021 @12:22 PM

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Short and sweet: the best stories to read right now
Thought-provoking, intense and consumed in one sitting, do short stories make for a perfect reading experience? Chris Power finds out, and shares the all-time greats

Chris Power

18, Jul, 2020 @9:00 AM

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Top 10 books about new beginnings
From Virginia Woolf to Lorrie Moore and Diana Wynne Jones, fresh starts provide an endless source of inspiration for fiction

Jaclyn Moriarty

01, Jan, 2020 @10:00 AM

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Acclaimed authors pen letter in protest at 'forced resignation' of Ian Buruma
Joyce Carol Oates, Ian McEwan, and others expressed dismay over Buruma’s departure from the New York Review of Books

Ed Pilkington

25, Sep, 2018 @5:59 PM

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See What Can Be Done by Lorrie Moore – wit without malice
A collection of astringent, exhilarating essays covers advice for aspiring writers, The Wire and other TV series and the reputation of literary greats

Claire Messud

02, Jun, 2018 @8:01 AM

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See What Can Be Done by Lorrie Moore review – marvellously nuanced
This wide-ranging collection of reviews and cultural commentary is shrewd and worthy of preservation. Just don’t call it ‘enjoyable’…

Kate Kellaway

07, May, 2018 @7:00 AM

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Lorrie Moore on political correctness, writing and why she's not worried by Trump
As her new essay collection is published, the author and critic talks about her conservative upbringing and why she has 19 years left to write

Emma Brockes

05, May, 2018 @10:00 AM

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Nonfiction to look out for in 2018
Spies, suffragettes and Mary Shelley feature heavily in next year’s nonfiction lists – along with essays from the likes of Zadie Smith, Graham Swift and Amos Oz

Rachel Cooke

31, Dec, 2017 @8:00 AM

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Ask a bibliotherapist: how books can help soothe troubled minds
In answer to readers’ queries, a bibliotherapist at the School of Life in Australia prescribes reading material designed to calm and inspire

Nina Kilham

04, May, 2016 @4:19 AM

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Top 10 books about cancer
Treatment of this cruel disease has advanced hugely in recent years, but writers from Philip Roth to Christopher Hitchens show the awful human cost it still exacts

Austin Duffy

03, Feb, 2016 @3:12 PM

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Crush of the week: Lorrie Moore
‘The world in her stories is the real one, rendered more honest, certainly more witty and human’

Bim Adewunmi

17, Oct, 2015 @5:00 AM

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Tips, links and suggestions: what are you reading this week?
Your space to discuss the books you are reading and what you think of them

Guardian readers and Marta Bausells

20, Apr, 2015 @2:44 PM

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