Jilly Cooper

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The return of the bonkbuster: how horny heroines are starting a new sexual revolution
I longed for novels about female desire - women empowered by sex and their expressions of lust. So I sat down and wrote my own

Daisy Buchanan

31, Mar, 2021 @5:00 AM

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Jessie Greengrass: 'Frog and Toad Are Friends contains one of the best jokes ever written'
The author on underrated ‘great of feminist literature’ Gaudy Night, looking forward to every Ian Rankin novel, and never finishing Middlemarch

Jessie Greengrass

19, Mar, 2021 @10:00 AM

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Between the Covers by Jilly Cooper review – as fresh as ever
This collection of Cooper’s newspaper columns from the 60s and 70s is bitchy, saucy, insightful and, most of all, great fun

Rachel Cooke

27, Oct, 2020 @7:00 AM

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The Guardian view on a book glut: to the victor go the spoils? | Editorial
Editorial: Many publishers are enjoying record sales – but not all. We must take care that those with the biggest names and deepest pockets are not the only beneficiaries


23, Aug, 2020 @5:25 PM

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Jilly Cooper tops inaugural Comedy women in print awards
The Rutshire Chronicles author received the lifetime achievement honour, with prizes for rising stars Laura Steven and Kirsty Eyre

Alison Flood

10, Jul, 2019 @7:30 PM

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Bonkbusters are about so much more than sex and shopping
Judith Krantz, who has died at 91, was a queen of the genre, putting confident women and their friendships to the fore

Sarah Hughes

30, Jun, 2019 @7:59 AM

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Over 40 and loving it: let's celebrate fiction with positive older characters
Too many books feature sterotypical older women who can’t use phones and don’t like sex. Gransnet and imprint HQ are looking for writers to change all that

Alison Flood

28, Jun, 2019 @3:21 PM

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A new start: Jilly Cooper on the night in a Kama Sutra room that led to her book Riders
While struggling to write the novel that would transform her career, she discovered the country pile that would prove inspirational

Jilly Cooper

01, Jan, 2019 @11:00 AM

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If having a dog means you can never have another holiday, is it worth it?
Jilly Cooper hasn’t been away for 22 years because she can’t bear to leave her greyhound – but every day is like a holiday when there’s a dog in your life

Rebecca Nicholson

13, Jun, 2018 @3:58 PM

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Germaine, your shock-jock musings just alienate today’s young feminists | Barbara Ellen
With her views on rape, Germaine Greer has torpedoed the chance for women of all generations to find common cause

Barbara Ellen

03, Jun, 2018 @8:30 AM

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Katharine Whitehorn: This is how you changed our view of the world
It was revealed last week that the veteran Observer journalist, Katharine Whitehorn, now aged 90, has advanced Alzheimer’s. Four women – three writers and a reader – tell how her radical brand of journalism was a catalyst for a new way of thinking

Yvonne Roberts, Rachel Cooke, Jilly Cooper, Alison Napier

02, Jun, 2018 @11:05 PM

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Jilly Cooper: modern men have beards and cry all the time
Author tells Hay festival of phenomenon of ‘married men wanting to have gay affairs’

Mark Brown Arts correspondent

31, May, 2018 @6:46 PM

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