Francois Marie Arouet de Voltaire

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Treatise on Tolerance by Voltaire review - an attack on fanaticism
Nicholas Lezard’s choice: A bestseller in the wake of Charlie Hebdo, this 18th-century criticism of religious violence is still relevant today

Nicholas Lezard

04, Oct, 2016 @8:30 AM

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A beginner’s guide to Voltaire, the philosopher of free speech and tolerance
The French are turning to Voltaire for guidance in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attack. Steven Poole highlights his key quotes, misquotes, major works – and run-ins with the authorities

Steven Poole

18, Jan, 2015 @6:00 PM

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Syphilis, sex and fear | How the French disease conquered the world
Researching the Borgias, Sarah Dunant learnt how syphilis took Europe by storm during the 1490s, and the far reaching effects it's had ever since

Sarah Dunant

17, May, 2013 @3:59 PM

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Shalom Auslander's top 10 comic tragedies

From Catch-22 to the Book of Job, the author of Hope: A Tragedy picks his favourite books that 'look into the abyss, smile, and give the abyss the finger'

Shalom Auslander

29, Feb, 2012 @10:43 AM

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The Faith of the Faithless by Simon Critchley - review
Stuart Kelly examines Simon Critchley's 'variations'

Stuart Kelly

03, Feb, 2012 @10:54 PM

Scandale as French minister confuses clothing chain with classic novel

Frédéric Lefebvre ridiculed after muddling title of Voltaire's Zadig with high-street store

Alison Flood

07, Apr, 2011 @3:02 PM

Francois Marie Arouet de Voltaire

'Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.'

22, Jul, 2008 @2:39 PM

Non-fiction: Nov 5

Olivia Laing on A Season on the Brink | Lost Voices | The Real Life of Anthony Burgess | Gunpowder | Voltaire Almighty

Olivia Laing

05, Nov, 2006 @12:20 AM

Non-fiction: Nov 4

Ian Pindar, Aimee Shalan and John Dugdale on Voltaire Almighty | 1491 | A Human Being Died That Night | Love My Rifle More Than You | Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Ian Pindar, Aimee Shalan and John Dugdale

04, Nov, 2006 @11:48 PM

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The scientist whom history forgot

David Bodanis uncovers the work of an 18th-century Frenchwoman, Emilie du Chatelet, who with Voltaire created a "research institute" in an isolated chateau

David Bodanis

04, Aug, 2006 @2:26 PM

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How Voltaire praised the 'enlightened despot' Catherine the Great

Satirist's heartfelt letters to the woman he admired are bought for Russia

Nick Paton Walsh in Moscow

02, Jun, 2006 @9:28 AM

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Observer review: Voltaire Almighty by Roger Pearson

Roger Pearson constructs his biography of the great French author, Voltaire Almighty, like a picaresque novel. Peter Conrad enjoys the ride.

Peter Conrad

20, Nov, 2005 @1:41 AM

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