Francis Fukuyama

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When power thrives on unspoken fear, bravery is in saying ‘I am afraid’ | Nick Cohen
Admitting cowardice is a subversive act within cultures that demand lip service

Nick Cohen

21, Aug, 2021 @6:00 PM

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The Lies That Bind and Identity reviews – leaving essentialism behind
A thoughtful study by Kwame Anthony Appiah and a more practical work by Francis Fukuyama tackle divisions along lines of nation, race, gender and class

Stuart Jeffries

29, Sep, 2018 @6:29 AM

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Francis Fukuyama: ‘Trump instinctively picks racial themes to drive people on the left crazy’
In 1989, the economist’s essay The End of History? asked whether liberalism had triumphed over ideology. History, however, had other ideas and his new book responds to the return of extremism

Tim Adams

16, Sep, 2018 @8:00 AM

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The high cost of wrecking the Soviet Union | Letters
Letters: Will Goble compares the west’s approach to Germany after the second world war with its treatment of Russia after the collapse of communism


10, Dec, 2017 @6:49 PM

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Why a forgotten 1930s critique of capitalism is back in fashion
Seventy years ago the thinkers and writers of the Frankfurt School warned of capitalism’s drift towards a cultural apocalypse. Has it already happened, but we’ve been too uncritical to notice?

Stuart Jeffries

09, Sep, 2016 @10:04 AM

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Leading authors call for government probe of Amazon's 'damaging' power
Malcolm Gladwell and Ursula Le Guin lead call to US justice department to investigate its ‘monopoly as a seller of books’

Alison Flood

16, Jul, 2015 @5:02 PM

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Francis Fukuyama: ‘In recently democratised countries I’m still a rock star’
The books interview: The world-renowned political thinker on what’s left of ‘The End of History’, the crimes of the neocons and having the ear of the Chinese leadership

Wesley Yang

27, Dec, 2014 @9:30 AM

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Book reviews roundup: Political Order and Political Decay, The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher, Only When I Laugh

What the critics thought of Political Order and Political Decay by Francis Fukuyama, The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher of Hilary Mantel and Only When I Laugh by Paul Merton

The Guardian

03, Oct, 2014 @5:00 PM

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Political Order and Political Decay review – volume two of Francis Fukuyama’s magisterial political history
The author of The End of History challenges the west’s obsession with liberal democracy, writes Nick Fraser

Nick Fraser

28, Sep, 2014 @7:00 AM

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Leading authors axed from Prospect magazine's list of top 50 thinkers

John Dugdale: Philosophers advance on a list which finds space for more women, while intellectuals from Richard Dawkins to Francis Fukuyama to Steven Pinker lose out

John Dugdale

28, Mar, 2014 @3:00 PM

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Bring back ideology: Fukuyama's 'end of history' 25 years on

Francis Fukuyama's influential essay 'The End of History?' announced the triumph of liberal democracy and the arrival of a post-ideological world. But was it just a rightwing argument in disguise? And has the demise of utopianism ushered in a 'sad time'? By Eliane Glaser

Eliane Glaser

21, Mar, 2014 @9:30 AM

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Pass notes No 3,128: Francis Fukuyama
End of History author Francis Fukuyama has been predicting the future again: this time by buying his own drone 'before the government makes them illegal'

20, Feb, 2012 @8:00 PM

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