Emile Zola

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Fancy a ‘charbonnay’? How France’s coal belt reinvented itself as a tourist destination
With slag heaps now covered in vines, the newly reopened Cité des Électriciens fetes its industrial heritage in typically French style

John Brunton

01, Nov, 2021 @7:00 AM

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Rise of far right puts Dreyfus affair into spotlight in French election race
As Emmanuel Macron opens a museum dedicated to the exonerated Jewish soldier, ultra-nationalists led by Éric Zemmour again question his innocence

Jon Henley

30, Oct, 2021 @3:00 PM

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Freddie Jones: star of Hammer horror and Chekhov
Letters: Tributes to the film and stage actor, who died last week, from Anthony Roche and Jenifer Armitage


14, Jul, 2019 @5:16 PM

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Émile Zola, the photographer: personal collection goes under the hammer
Thousands of photographs and equipment belonging to writer’s grandson expected to fetch up to £53,000 at auction

Kim Willsher in Paris

04, Dec, 2017 @2:21 PM

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Cézanne unmasked: the shattering portraits that blew Picasso and the Paris avant garde away
He painted his wife without lips. He painted his friend with a spinal deformity. And he painted himself as a ghost in a top hat. Paul Cézanne’s unflinching portraits, coming to Britain this autumn, didn’t just astonish Picasso and his disciples. They changed art for ever

Jonathan Jones

11, Aug, 2017 @10:25 AM

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Cézanne et Moi review – sunkissed biopic of artistic frenemies
This account of the rivalry between Cézanne and Zola – played by Guillaumes Canet and Gallienne – is cinéma du papa with an edge

Peter Bradshaw

14, Apr, 2017 @7:00 AM

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A pint of Sarah Perry, please: the literary food tie-ins we want to try
The novelist’s Essex Serpent is getting its own beer, which makes you wonder what other marketing opportunities books could offer

Danuta Kean

13, Apr, 2017 @1:15 PM

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A brush with art: Anka Muhlstein on Zola, Proust and the painters they knew best
In her new book, the Goncourt Prize-winning historian turns her attention to French 19th-century novelists and how they saw a century of great painting

Martin Pengelly

05, Feb, 2017 @12:00 PM

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Why theatre should stay tuned in to radio plays
Many a playwright owes a debt to a radio commission. Audio drama allows an ambition and scope that can’t always be achieved on stage

Lyn Gardner

02, Feb, 2017 @5:36 PM

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The Disappearance of Zola by Michael Rosen – sympathy for a Parisian outcast
Michael Rosen’s intriguing account of Émile Zola’s time in London after writing J’Accuse reveals the misery of the author’s exile

Matthew Adams

09, Jan, 2017 @9:00 AM

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The Disappearance of Émile Zola by Michael Rosen review – J’Accuse and after
The story of Zola’s intervention in the Dreyfus case and flight to London is a lively portrait of a disputatious age

Caroline Moorehead

07, Jan, 2017 @9:00 AM

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Emile Zola – on the run in Upper Norwood
Forced into exile after getting caught up in a high-profile trial, the great French novelist spent Christmas 1898 in hiding in a south London suburb

Michael Rosen

28, Dec, 2016 @12:00 PM

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