Claudia Rankine

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The White Card review – the liberal art world’s blindness to privilege
A strong cast makes Claudia Rankine’s exploration of the ‘invisibility of whiteness’ and the source of US racism compelling

Clare Brennan

08, May, 2022 @10:30 AM

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The White Card review – a subtle debate about art and privilege
Claudia Rankine’s tense and timely play about an art collector puts white liberalism under the microscope

Mark Fisher

05, May, 2022 @9:01 AM

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Footage of racist violence traumatises black children, says author
Claudia Rankine, whose latest play, The White Card, is to tour the UK, warns of negative effect on mental health

Lanre Bakare Arts and culture correspondent

03, May, 2022 @5:00 AM

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Top 10 books about suffering artists | Tom de Freston
From Max Porter’s vision of Francis Bacon’s last days to Heather Clark’s fresh look at Sylvia Plath, these works complicate our understanding of the links between pain and art

Tom de Freston

09, Mar, 2022 @12:00 PM

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This month’s best paperbacks: Susanna Clarke, Claudia Rankine, a biography of Tom Stoppard and more
Not sure what to read this month? Here are some fantastic new paperbacks, including a study of why we shake hands, a new William Boyd and James Rebanks’s illuminating thoughts on farming

02, Sep, 2021 @9:54 AM

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On my radar: Claudia Rankine’s cultural highlights
The poet on her love of The White Lotus, the example of Naomi Osaka, and what stayed with her from the George Floyd murder trial

Killian Fox

28, Aug, 2021 @2:00 PM

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Claudia Rankine: 'By white privilege I mean the ability to stay alive'
The poet and playwright talks to Afua Hirsch about power, race and class, and her experience of being a first-generation immigrant living in the US today

Afua Hirsch

05, Sep, 2020 @8:00 AM

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Bleached racists and lynching trees: the show that's targeting white supremacy
Two years in the making, a new exhibition about white culture is delivering devastating insights into power and prejudice in modern America. Poet and curator Claudia Rankine relives its creation

Claudia Rankine

10, Aug, 2018 @11:00 AM

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They're patient, kind and even poetic – so stop calling them snowflakes | Christina Patterson
The writer Christina Patterson says she has seen the future of poetry, and it’s in safe hands

Christina Patterson

17, Oct, 2017 @3:33 PM

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Claudia Rankine on Whitney Biennial row: 'Anyone who is subject to a culture can use it'
The poet and playwright talks about the scandal surrounding Dana Schutz’s Emmett Till painting, which has led to accusations of exploiting black suffering

Nadja Sayej

10, Apr, 2017 @3:13 PM

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On my radar: Jacob Polley’s cultural highlights
The poet on Claudia Rankine’s dissection of US race relations, the lasting power of Tindersticks and the joys of public libraries

Jacob Polley

29, Jan, 2017 @10:00 AM

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Claudia Rankine: why I'm spending $625,000 to study whiteness
The poet on why she’s using her MacArthur genius grant to explore whiteness and how an Ohio prison explodes the idea that blackness equals criminality

Steven W Thrasher in New York

19, Oct, 2016 @9:00 AM

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