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The big idea: should we work less?
A shorter working week could benefit society, the environment - even the economy. Is it time to reassess our relationship with our jobs?

Sarah Jaffe

11, Oct, 2021 @7:00 AM

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Noise by Daniel Kahneman, Olivier Sibony and Cass Sunstein review – the price of poor judgment
Whether in legal sentences or medical diagnoses, mistakes happen every day. Could the wisdom of crowds offer a solution to this ‘noise’?

Caroline Criado Perez

03, Jun, 2021 @6:30 AM

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Paint Your Town Red by Matthew Brown and Rhian E Jones review – the Preston model
A gripping account of the community wealth-building scheme that turned a hard-up city’s fortunes around

Lynsey Hanley

26, May, 2021 @8:00 AM

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Michael Lewis reveals next book, The Premonition, will be about coronavirus
The Big Short author is setting out to tell story of ‘misfits’ who anticipated the pandemic and went on to make sense of it

Alison Flood

28, Jan, 2021 @12:56 PM

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Gareth Jones obituary
Other lives: Accomplished academic and best-selling author of business management books

Rachel Grant

25, Jan, 2021 @7:00 PM

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All work and low pay: are we too devoted to our jobs?
Modern-day employment is atomised, casual and unequal and the way we look at it needs to change, argues US author Sarah Jaffe

Tim Adams

24, Jan, 2021 @1:00 PM

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Democracy for Sale by Peter Geoghegan review – the end of politics as we know it?
The openDemocracy journalist delves into the web of power, money and data manipulation that is bringing our electoral system to its knees

John Naughton

16, Aug, 2020 @6:00 AM

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Survey of London: Oxford Street review – a bravura history, but also an obituary?
From public hangings to Primark … a lively account of the capital’s famous shopping street, edited by Andrew Saint

Gillian Darley

29, Apr, 2020 @6:30 AM

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The Trick review - William Leith on how to make a packet
The journalist and writer turns his stream-of-consciousness style to a question that has always niggled him – why isn’t he rich?

Tim Adams

20, Apr, 2020 @6:00 AM

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Don’t Be Evil review – how the tech giants have become too big to fail
Rana Foroohar’s masterly critique of the internet pioneers who now dominate our world

John Naughton

03, Nov, 2019 @7:00 AM

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Bitcoin Billionaires by Ben Mezrich review – the tale of the Winklevoss twins
Coders, cocktails and a bank heist in reverse – the brothers who sued Mark Zuckerberg and hit bitcoin boom time

Steven Poole

16, May, 2019 @6:30 AM

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Winners Take All by Anand Giridharadas review – superb hate-reading
The hubris and hypocrisy of the super-rich who believe they are helping the world makes for superb hate-reading

Aditya Chakrabortty

14, Feb, 2019 @7:30 AM

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